My dream is to write, I have no idea how to pursue it.
My wish is to lose weight,  I have no idea how to push through the rut.
My goal is to be all that I can be, but I have no idea how to do it.

If only I had an idea!

I think most of us experience this when we face our spiritual dreams. We start off with having no idea.  There is a precious few who are extremely overweight that overcome this disability.  It’s an emotional disability and seriously, I have no idea how to get past it.  It’s easy to get up and go to the gym.  It’s easy to cut back and eat less.  What’s hard is staying on track and changing the routine of your life.  The emotional side.

It’s easy to find a job if you’re ambitious.  It’s very hard to pursue a dream when all that you’ve done throughout the years is work for money.  When money is needed, you do what you have to.  Dreams take the backburner.  How do successful people achieve their ultimate dreams?  Just as weight loss, very few do it.

I have so much to give, but what I need now is the knowledge to get through it all.  The obstacles of life, family and children to be on the burner, but perhaps my dreams coming to the front burner along with those obstacles.  Obstacles cannot be ignored.  We are adults and we have to call a spade a spade.  I will not allow my family to faulter because of my selfish desires. However, I have allowed my selfish desires to faulter because of my family.  Equal balance is required.

I want to know the secret of success.  I’ve read so many self help books (Oprah, Marianne Williamson, Colette Baren-Reid to name a few) that haven’t really helped me but allowed these dreamer’s to make money from me.  The secret lies within and I hope that one day, I will find the key deep within and forge ahead.

This is what I need to do.  It’s become an obsession and I will not give up.  I pick a penny up from the ground because I am inviting abundance in my life.  I hug my children with loving arms, because I am inviting love in my life.  I speak my truth, because I am inviting your audience to hear my spirit, my thoughts, and my struggles.

Til Tomorrow,


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