Happy Valentine’s Day to all the crazy lovebirds in the world.

For me, Valentine’s Day is just another day.  However, for me to say this with a serious face took many years of getting very angry because I didn’t get a card. Then one day, he wisened up and I received a card, but not a gift. Still not good enough.

After marriage, I received a kitchen appliance, not flowers. Or, I didn’t get my gift in the morning and he had to work late.  I was an obsessive materialistic spoiled brat in the name of romance.

But seriously, we all know that all the cards, flowers and gifts in the world doesn’t make romance.  It’s material, it’s an easy come, easy go item.  What REALLY makes romance is the kisses in the morning and wishing each other Happy V-day.  It’s the genuine smile that you receive from your loved one.  It’s cuddling up and making time for only each other while watching your favorite chick flick.

I’ve been with my husband for over 20 years. There were times in the beginning I hated him.  There were times, where I didn’t want him.  However, with those struggles, I never gave up on love.  It was those struggles that make me love him more now than ever.  Too many people give up during these times of struggle.  Too many people truly don’t know the true meaning of love because they simply throw in the towel.  Love is what happens after the fact. 

I could care less what “get” as long as I get him each and everyday to myself.  The material shit is best saved for a chaotic, stressful day where shop therapy is necessary……when I act like Betty and Wilma and I say “CHAARRGGGE IT!”

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