Let’s talk about love and star signs, but keep it simple. I’m a Sagittarius, which basically means I’m all about adventure, excitement, and not being tied down. Think of me like a fire, always moving and spreading warmth. In my love life, I’ve mostly ended up with Aquarius guys. Aquarius people are kind of like a fresh breeze – they’re all about freedom, being different, and they’ve got this cool, electric vibe. I had some great times with these fellas, made tons of memories, but when things ended, it hurt. A lot.

After taking some time to heal from the last breakup, I’ve started seeing someone new, and guess what? He’s a Capricorn. If you’re into star signs, you might be thinking, “Wait, that’s a bit of an odd match.” Capricorns are like the ground under your feet – steady, serious, and all about plans and making things happen. This new guy hasn’t lived life in the “faster” lane like me. He’s never been to a concert, and it seems like he’s missed out on a lot of fun stuff, which is pretty surprising for someone who’s 47 and quite the catch. I’ve already said that if we work, this will change.

But here’s the twist – I don’t think anyone has ever tried so hard to impress me. For someone who hasn’t ever been properly courted that means a lot.

So, what’s the deal with a fire sign like me dating an earth sign like him? Well, it turns out that reality doesn’t really care about all these rules we read in horoscope columns. This Capricorn guy has shown me that there’s more to a relationship than just shared hobbies or wild adventures. It’s about feeling valued, seen, and genuinely cared for. He’s making an effort, showing me parts of life I haven’t noticed before, and it’s pretty cool.

This whole new experience has taught me something important: it’s not about finding someone who matches your energy or interests perfectly. It’s about finding someone who’s willing to take the steps to venture into a different territory, who makes an effort for you, and who supports you in exploring new aspects. He knows I’m very very scared to start over yet again. And sometimes, that person might just be the one you least expected. So, that said, I’m not listening to my daughter.

Are you wondering if star signs matter, here’s my take: they’re fun to think about, but at the end of the day, but follow your heart and ride the wave of any sign. Finding love is about exploring, learning, and growing together, no matter what the stars say.

Note: Being a fire sign, I can 100% say that I’m not in love or even in limerence as of yet. It takes me a long time and I want a relationship to feel like home to me. I had two, so hmmm, that’s my blaring red flag to anyone coming towards me.

So now, whatta ya say to taking chances? It’s the fire in me, of course I will! We live and learn daily. Send a message, when it’s been received, you move on; Live, Laugh, Love.

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