It’s amazing that there are so many intelligent individuals that don’t truly listen to the opinions of others.  I swear that there must be a mandatory course called “Grin and Nod”  in University.

Nothing infuriates or demeans me more than giving a suggestion and getting the typical “Grin and Nod” response.  Coming from several male dominated industries, yes, it has happened often to me.   In the beginning, I viewed the “Grin and Nod” as a positive response where I would get very excited that my idea was valid to management.  Being an intelligent person though, it did not take long to realize that the “Grin and Nod” was typical to patting a child on the head and sending them on their way hoping that they would forget about it.

At this time, I see a strong paralell between the “Grin and Nod” and a political election.  When the weight of a candidate’s future is the typical Canadian’s hands, we witness a rebirth of communication and positive responses.

“Absolutely, I will fulfill my promises!”
“No problem,I will work my magic as the leader of Canada.”
“No issue is too big to conquer.”

However when the signs are down and the rally complete, just like that child being shooed away with a pat on the head, the responses stop.  We no longer place a strong regard on what they are doing or how they are improving our system…..and they assume that we have forgotten.  At that time, when we speak, they “Grin and Nod”.

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