You know life is fun and it’s supposed to be.  Indecision can make a person’s heart and perseverance weak.

So in light of making it fun and encouraging, I did something that I only do during these moments of frustration….I pull out my Wisdom of Avalon Cards, by Colette Baron-Reid.

I’m not one who believes in psychics, but I do believe that there are spirits out there guiding us and watching over us.  The cards just make me feel just a little more settled from time to time.

As I shuffled to monstrous cards, I asked whether I should continue on the path of the unknown and that provides frustration during the journey.

The Card I pulled was “The Bee”

When the Bee buzzes onto your path, it’s a reminder that with hard work and a firm committment to building your dream, a sweet outcome is assured. The Bee is a symbol of luck, so expect miracles and your life will be victorious and sweet.

Remember, that you also create your own luck.  That is, effort is essential as your progress along your path in order to make your dream a reality.  The Bee is an industrious busy creature that is always making honey.  The Bee “gets busy” and that honey will soon be yours.  The Bee is always a fortunate omen.

So for another day, I continue down my path of choice. Like I said yesterday, the path may not happen tomorrow or next week, but it certainly is a path worth exploring and working hard for!

Til Next Time,


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