I think I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot through blogging and social networking.  I have learned that there are many people out there trying to find themselves and their true meaning of life through blogging and sharing their soul.  (Like me)

In fact, blogging has taken me out of my ultimate low moments in life.  Those moments where I’m close to tears and frankly ready to give up on all possibilities of a fruitful life.

I have learned that through blogging there is a precious few that have achieved the ultimate goal of writing for themselves and gaining monetary rewards through sponsorship.  So I’m not in it for notoriety, but I’d love it to be perfectly honest.

I have also learned that there are TONS who will not share their secret to blogging success.

I have also learned to applaud those like @Gingermommy and @mommymomentblog , mommy bloggers who does their own thing, promotes products through reviews and giveaways, while other’s ridicule bloggers similar to them for doing this.  Hey, were Mom’s!  What’s the problem with getting a few products and promoting them for your benefit?

Let’s face it, bloggers like Erica Ehm and Casie Stewart, has been promoting all of their lives, just as these ladies are doing now!  Whether they enjoyed the companies who assisted them to financial independence through blogging is irrelevant. Magnum Ice Cream could taste like s$%#, but do you think Erica would have admitted that?  No, her Yummy Mummy Club would not produce a profit otherwise.  Really, is Casie throwing back the Pepsi Throwback nightly?   Probably not, but I’m sure she gets a nice cheque for holding it in her hand.

Realistically, they did it to get “there”.  Oh and we all know where there is!   Ivanka Trump, posh Toronto parties, and notoriety.

The key to ultimate blogging success though is camaraderie.  Without camaraderie, we are headed towards self inflicted doom.  Eventually, people will no longer feel the desire to read blogs. I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, but I do not comment unless the post hits a heart string.  (Perhaps I should acknowledge those that I respect a lot a little more.)

Another key is to limit your judgement of another’s thoughts and feelings.  I viewed a high profile blogger’s opinion about another blog today about children.  This caused her follower’s to comment and judge.  It was a battle of words that should have been directed to the person who wrote it, rather than judging in the confines of their Facebook wall.  Then today, for noteriety, another mother blogger, with or without a PHD, felt it was necessary to judge AGAIN and have a whole lot of followers comment on that person as well.  Why?  Was the desire of noteriety necessary to throw more shit at the wall?

The person who commented about the children during her travels initially applauded the post, however, later retaliated because of the hurtful things that were said through comments.  Come on, it was OVER.  I think this person’s mother set her straight minutes after she wrote what she did.

The continuance was just plain hurtful and quite frankly, it brings bloggers to a whole new meaning of LOW.  I’ve lost respect based on premise and not their opinion.

Camaraderie and no judgements.  Why not comment along with the other’s on the post itself?

So, sigh…..at the end of the day, this is just a post that hails the great blogger’s in my life.  Your friendship, words and thoughts have inspired me to keep pursuing my dream’s in my own way.  Let’s try to keep our camaraderie going.

Ciao, Til Next Time,

(No Twitter notification necessary)

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