Well at first I wasn’t going to write about this until I seen this absolutely ridiculous response to this question on Google+.

Stephanie Moram – As a social worker for Child Services, we are there to protect children from harm! I think that if a child is at risk whether it is from malnutrition or over nutrition the authorities should be involved in some form, either to educate the parents and rectify the situation or if that doesn’t work use other measures to help the child. And each situation is different so of course each case should be evaluated individually! Some parents simply lack the skills or knowledge on nutrition; I have heard of some parents giving their kids mountain dew instead of formula or BM because it was cheaper. Therefore, if they can be educated no need to remove the children. The goal of child services is to keep the family unit together, unless the family or child is at high risk! Obesity is a growing issue and needs to be dealt with. 🙂

She makes some valid points, however, in my 16-years of being a Mom, I’ve seen some severely obese children grow up to be healthy teens and adults.  My son was always on the chubby side, and he is now extremely well-balanced in weight AND he has learned the enjoyment of eating meat and veggies at every meal.

On the flip side, my daughter has always been lean, trim and very active.  However, after a bullying incident at school in December, she has gained a whopping 30-40 pounds.  Now is the time to become concerned.  She’s sixteen, about to be an adult, is almost fully grown, and allowing the ignorance of other’s to destroy her.  I can only hope and pray that her self-esteem will return and she can get back to her healthy weight.

We are focusing on too many things and not allowing children to be children. Sure, it isn’t nice to have an obese child.  It opens doors to bullying and teasing.  I know with my son, I was very worried about him even though I wouldn’t have categorized him as severely obese.

However, to say that any parent should lose their child because of over nutrition or that they are at risk, is ridiculous.  There are too many labels placed on children.  I do agree  that parent’s should have guidance, but us parent’s can only watch our children so far after three years of age.

  • We cannot be there when our children eat the leftovers in other children’s lunches at school.
  • We cannot be there every minute watching what they sneak from the pantry.  How dare insinuate that authorities need to be involved.
  • We cannot be there when they go to friend’s houses for the night.

I do believe that children gradually will “get it”.

However, to prove my point, I’m a very overweight individual.  As a child, I was served my food on a plate and was never allowed seconds (only at Xmas).  I was active and healthy.   At this time, Social Services could and should have walked in, but they seen a healthy, active, and a real good child actress.  It had nothing to do with my weight though!  There was one time during puberty that I gained twenty pounds, my mother put me on a diet of pickled eggs, a spoonful of vinegar in the morning, and vegetables.

However, when I finally went out on my own, I gorged.  I gorged because my emotional state wasn’t satisfactory.  I gorge today because of this huge wall I’ve built, all by myself.

My weight today has nothing to do about me not being knowledgable about healthy living; I was born and raised to know better!

Again, kids will get it, and if they don’t, a doctor should be authority enough and recommend a dietician.  Leave the social worker’s out of this; it could destroy a family that ultimately loves one another.

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