Kick Ass Don't Kiss Ass
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You know, there’s something to be said about patronizing.  Although, it is absolutely wonderful to hear that I’m an awesome worker, awesome wife and mom, it’s not necessary.  If I’m serving you well, I do it because I love what I’m doing and that I  hold you, as a person, in the highest regard.  Otherwise, meh, I don’t really show much interest.

Same thing goes for my relationships.   When I walk into a room, I want to find the nicest, funniest, most outgoing and real person in the room…I can smell a fake before I say hello.  If I attempt to spark up a conversation with you, it doesn’t matter if you are the hottest thing that Toronto has ever seen since the 60’s, if you’re a pompous fake, you’ve lost me and you’ll know it.  I go into a recluse because really I have nothing of value to share with you.

You see, we’re all on this earth for our own purpose.  We are not on this earth to kiss ass.  If we have to kiss an ass, then it’s obvious that we are heading in the wrong direction.  People who appreciate you and care, do not expect a constant kiss of the ass.  There’s a difference between nurturing a relationship and kissing ass.

To be a real kick ass person in life, one must be real and live their truth.  That, my friend, is when true success is experienced.  I don’t need to minimize the person that I am and kiss ass to get where I am going.  No sir!  I will get there in my own time and by my own rules.  Too few people do that today and that is sad.

There’s got to be more people out there that think the same as myself and I welcome you into my world with open arms!

“Sometimes it is so difficult to be different.  However, different takes me in so many exciting directions!”
Trina Stewart

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