We all make mistakes right?  Has it ever cost you your job or your reputation.  Has it caused you to burn a great future reference?

So do tell, what is your biggest career blunder?

Allow let me to share with you one of my career blunders. It is one that I will regret eternally because it wasn’t just a career blunder, but also a relationship breaker.  It all came back to me last night with a mysterious tweet stating “Trina, I’m glad you like your new job!”  After four years, I receive a response…albeit quasi anonymous.

I worked for a company that was licensed through a government program for about four years in total.  They treated me very well and I enjoyed the benefits from working from home.  After the program was terminated abruptly, I was always nervous that it would end abruptly again (which it did but that’s another story).   So I started doing a little work on the side until it turned into a probable opportunity.   I proceeded to give my two weeks notice with the agreement that if I’d ever work for another source related to the program again, I would notify them.

Well this new career turn was fruitful, but not as fruitful as anticipated.   Another service provider at that time asked me if I’d like to assist them in launching in Ontario on a temporary basis.   I said, sure!

(Mistake #1, if I needed money so badly I should have went back to my old employer)

I decided to inform my previous employer and informed this person that I was going to do so.  His response was “How would informing them of this benefit you in any way?”   Hmmm, good point, ok I won’t do it (with a knot in my stomach)…BUZZ

(Mistake #2, I invested four years with my previous company and visa versa. It was unfair and wrong.  I burnt a fabulous reference)

After about a month and many struggles, we both agreed that this opportunity wasn’t as fruitful as it looked initially.  In fact, I’m sure contacting the same contacts under a different company didn’t help either.

 (Mistake #3, just because your client’s like you doesn’t mean that they will follow you.  If they are happy with the service provided by your previous employer, they probably stick with them.)

All in all, we all have to learn these harsh lessons in life to succeed in business.  Sometimes ignorant logic trumps common sense reasoning and morals where we end up making huge career blunders.

However, to be successful, one has to brush the cobwebs off, learn from our mistakes, mourn the burnt bridge, and move forward.  I will always be thankful to my previous employer, as they treated me very well.  I have no reason to bad mouth them in any way and will always recommend them. However, I will always be regretful on my stupidity and how I left things.

A lesson learned is an life opportunity earned.

Til Next Time,


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