This post has nothing to do about Klout Scores, who’s hot, or who’s speaking at a Social Media event.  It has nothing to do about prestige but something far bigger than that.

These are the people that if you met them in real life, there would be little difference.  They also display mutual respect online by engaging with their followers. Most of all, they are entertaining and make my free time a little brighter.

So in no particular order, here goes my list of Terrific People on Twitter.  I will post this list randomly to display my appreciation to those who have touched my online social life.   In the digital world, this list is limitless!!!  I know so many wonderful people who have touched my life…I just don’t have the attention span to work past ten in one post….and if I do it randomly, perhaps people will read about them and follow them as well!

 My Top Ten Tweeps on Twitter

@khrystena Just a small town girl from Cambridge, ON.  She is a social tweeter.  In real life, she’s loads of fun and does her best to make everyone feel welcome


@Momifer I have never met her personally but her tweets make me laugh.  She’s engaging and always responsive.  It makes my day to chat with her!


@Gingermommy She’s one of a kind and my very first twitter friend.  She’ll help you with anything but be warned, she’s a busy lady!


 @inluvwithbookz What caught my eye with her is that she is from Ontario, California!  But what I soon found out is that she is a passionate, considerate human being with a heart of gold!


@AmandaStratton If you’re a lover of off the cuff remarks and dry humour, then this is gal to follow! She’s even BETTER in person!


@amotherworld First of all, isn’t she just the prettiest?  Maria has the most fabulous blog that I follow daily.  Somewhat similar to mine, but only better!  Maria is also very engaging!


@cammipham With over 47,000 followers, I don’t know how she finds the time to be responsive to all of them.  She is absolutely wonderful, a social media whiz!!


  @neilhedley Talk about helping someone out when they are down!  Well Neil was there for me. A kind hearted passionate person who is willing to put things aside to pay it forward! Thanks!


@shesconnected Love the people from ShesConnected, especially Christine Korda! Would love to work for or with them. They manage to stay engaging and be responsive in a timely fashion.


@ReneeLuvsBeauty This crafty and inspirational lady brings great conversation to light!  I love our random rantings that occasionally happen no matter how brief they are!

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