I feel like the lowest of the low right now.   To put it in clear perspective, I feel like the ignorant son on Grand Torino that wasn’t interested in talking to his father over the phone.

My parent’s called from Brockville to inform me that they were on their way to my place.  They came from Gaspe Quebec completely unannounced.

You see generally life as we know it stops when they visit and they are here for a long period of time.  There are so many times I will say that they should just move up here.  I am generally excited for a visit.

However, this time I was inundated with a broken fridge, a dismantled room and a messy home.  I am burdened with bills, more so than years gone by.  I was rude and it was unacceptable.  I was ridden with guilt due to my response that I phoned them back and apologized profusely.

They are on their way to my place tomorrow and I will welcome them as I always do. Despite having small issues, I do love my parent’s dearly and my actions were inexcusable.

There will be a day that I will want their visit or a chat on the phone.   It will no longer be at my disposal.

Shame on me.  It could happen to me when my children grow older and I wouldn’t want that.

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