IMG 20110929 00107 300x225 A Great Ending to ShesConnected when Brand Opportunities ArriveDuring the ShesConnected Conference, many women told me that they were inundated with promotional opportunities throughout the two-day event.   I didn’t receive any product opportunities, however, I did receive calls.

If anyone thinks that the brands weren’t watching these 200 connected women at the conference, think again.  According to the comments from several bloggers, Social Media Marketers, across the country, were running rampant to find a “Connected” blogger within their niche.

Toronto 20110930 00115 300x225 A Great Ending to ShesConnected when Brand Opportunities Arrive

Within two hours of arriving at the conference, I was offered the opportunity (twice) to write for CBC.  One is an interview with an actress of a new series premiering this week and the other, the election.   I’m quite satisfied with my opportunities as my focal point is entertainment, awareness, and lifestyle.

If I was offered a product opportunity, it would have to be story based rather than a review.  Like I said before, there are many fine women out there doing product reviews and I do not need to steal their thunder.

I reviewed the Toronto Star article and comments about the ShesConnect event and I conclude that most bloggers do need to charge for their reviews.  I also think it should be in relation to any other blog out there in the blog-sphere.  It’s all about the value that YOU can provide, not your blog.  Picture yourself as a new sales and marketing agency compared to an old one.  Generally, both have competitive and comparable pricing.

I know of one popular Mom website that charges a minimum fee of $15,000 for advertising and a product review.  As well, the viewership numbers that were presented to me was that of the promotional company representing the blog, rather than the blog itself.  I make no qualms to state that it also took a full six weeks to receive a quote, which discouraged my client considerably and questioned the blog’s commitment to brand.

Next time, I’m going to local bloggers who CARE about their relationships. Therefore, I encourage you to not undersell yourself!   So from a business stand-point, every moment you sell yourself short, another person is making or saving money.  Blogging is a business!

Even though I will be receiving the exact amount of $0.00 for my work, I am working towards my goal.  One day, I will have a six-figure income because of my charity.

I want to learn to write better and hone on my skills of compassion through my quirky personality.

I want to provide entertainment to those who do not attend events.  I want to inspire moms to do more than what is expected of them.  Moms can get out there with their teenage daughter and be a teen again themselves while maintaining a “mom” composure.

I want to teach the younger generation that even though I’m almost 40, I can still be a pretty cool person and they can too if they stay true to their dreams.

I know that I have been successful and despite not being a “top” blogger.  I am a pretty powerful lady in my own right.  Therefore, these opportunities tickle me PINK

PST…. October is Breast Cancer Month, what are you doing?

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