I think a poignant part of getting to know what makes a person tick is having an understanding  what made them tick in the first place.  Some may ask, who is this Trina Stewart?  Some may not.

Family 258x300 What People Dont Know About Me The Lighter Side of Me

  • I was born in Gaspe Quebec.  I’ve lived in Owen Sound, London Ontario, and Cambridge.  I was a mover all of my life until 9 years ago.
  • I have two brothers, one of them is the greatest chef in the world!
  • I have two kids.  A daughter and a son.
  • I am married to a great guy for 16 years.  We met and started dating at 16.
  • I love to party.
  • I love to meet people.
  • I love being alone
  • I love Music.  Lady Gaga is my fave, but I have been seen walking down the street, smiling to the Cranberries as well.
  • When I was young, I was always Chris off Charlie’s Angels.  Whether I was with friends or alone, I was always pretending to be one of Charlie’s Angels.
  • I was an average student.
  • I excelled at all of my jobs but I dislike most of them.
  • I’m an entrepreneur at heart with no guts to take the plunge.
  • I love to write about anything.  I don’t like to focus on one thing.  I am woman, mother, worker, and a compassionate person.
  • I realized that I love dogs the past four years.
  • I don’t mind cleaning up messes that everyone in the house won’t clean.  I do have a few gagging sessions though.
  • I’m overweight and I have accepted it.  Now it’s time to change it for my health and longevity.
  • I’ve got an addictive personality.  I rarely take a Tylenol.  I need to find a good addiction.
  • I’m an exceptionally smart person with many creative and marketable ideas.  I hate it when people think I’m off the wall, because I back off quickly, only to see that a month later someone came up with my idea.
  • I’m horrible with money and spending.
  • I’m a very independent person.  I have never gravitated towards the “in” crowd to belong.  I believe my hard work, personality, and disposition will dictate my path.
  • I select my friends wisely.  I’m glad to wave at you from across the street, but to be my friend takes a level of trust.
  • I love the Toronto Film Festival.
  • I love concerts and other things that bring a natural high!
  • I try to live my life thinking positively.  (Thanks to I Can Do it! Toronto)
  • I try to listen more than I speak.
  • I love it when people look in my eyes when they speak to me.
  • I think everyone should work as hard as we do to accomplish great things in life.
  • I am not prejudice in anyway.  I have the courage to stand up for those who are treated unjustly.
  • I show appreciation and compassion to every person or opportunity that comes my way!
  • I will become “Psycho Mom” if you mess with my kids or family and yes, that is a GOOD thing.
  • The past is in the past.  Despite the hurdles that I rarely bring up, I am having a great time living life.  Live, Laugh, Love

fullfamily1 300x225 What People Dont Know About Me

The Darker Side of Me

  • I have a wall up that is probably 8 feet tall which very few people can get over.
  • Grew up in a home where my brother, ten years older than me, abused drugs and alcohol.  A lot of scary nights and worry.
  • Between the years of 1995-2000 was the most tragic but educational period of my life.
  • Married in 1994, I had my first child in 1995
  • My house burnt down on July 7, 1996.  We lost everything.  The house was a pool of plastic from my daughter’s toys.
  • I had my son on November 1, 1996.  We lived with my parent’s while we built a new home.
  • My best friend in the whole world moved to Ontario January of 1997.  I was completely at a loss.
  • We moved to Ontario May of 1997 as I hated my new house and was traumatized.
  • Father in Law was diagnosed with Lung Cancer May of 1997.  Feelings of remorse about moving surfaced.
  • Husband and I split up May 13, 1999, a day before our wedding anniversary.  One week later, my brother died of an overdose in Hamilton, ON.
  • Spent News Year’s Eve with my husband to bring in the new millennium.  Realized that all men are pretty much the same and he isn’t 1/2 bad after all.
  • Reunited with husband February of 2000 and been going strong ever since.  The solution:  Independence, Love, Giving Space, and not Controlling the Other Person.
    We all come into the world alone, we all leave it alone, the in between should also be dictated by us as well.
  • I realized that was clinically depressed years ago.  Tried drugs, hated them.  Wake up most mornings wishing that I didn’t wake up, have coached myself to snap out of it within the first minute.  Wayne Dyer and Kimberly Carroll (of Toronto) has shown me a better way to look at my life.
  • I am a complete unorganized mess when people are in my space.
  • I love to be alone with my thoughts.

So there you have it, this is what makes me, ME.   If my trials of life have taught me anything it is this:

We come into this world alone and we leave this world alone.
We cannot control another’s person life, we can only control our own.
Live your dreams.  Take time to breath.
Live together independently and the true meaning of relationship will surface.

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