Well Day 1 of my quitting smoking campaign.  I’m going to say I went two steps forward and no steps back because I have the will to succeed.

My day couldn’t have started off more perfect as I slept in and avoided the lull of my morning.  I did my hair, makeup and promptly took the kids to school.  Bliss….no need for a cigarette.

I quickly prepared for today’s meetings and headed out into the wonderful World of the Tri-Cities.  Well, let’s just say bliss ended abruptly.

My meeting couldn’t have gone any worse.    So after the meeting to soothe my exasperation, I had a smoke.  I pre-planned everything except for the moments of feeling like an utter failure.  Despite knowing that I truly didn’t fail, I still beat myself up over this stuff daily.  I am a person who accepts fault gracefully and tries to mend the situation.  However, no matter how much I sliced, diced, and manipulated it, there was no possible way to figure out a happy ending.  In Sales and Marketing, some clients are just like that.

However, within minutes of succumbing to the cigarette and noting the meeting thoroughly, I received another email from a client at a show that is expecting 40,000 attendees.  It had a picture of all of my creations…and it said, “Thanks for making this all happen!!”

Zero to Hero in 60 minutes or less.  You can’t win em all and I won’t win quitting smoking in one day either.  I’m not a hero when I feel like zero.  I can’t pretend to be either.  We all get lost, we all have moments of weakness, and we all slip.  No matter if it’s smoking or trying to find time to spend with our kids……we all are human…we all err.

Tonight I felt like I had no one to help me.  I felt alone….I think that’s a good thing because if I have my smokes I really don’t care who is around.  I feel like I’ve taken the step to separating my love for cigarettes and that’s a start.  Not to mention three cigarettes compared to twenty-five in one day as well.

There’s always tomorrow and tomorrow it will be.

Tomorrow I plan my workout routine and my grocery list.  Back to healthy eating.  I have canvassed many organizations that I look up to like Tosca Reno, Good Life Fitness, and local gyms that have some predominance in Cambridge…no luck.   It’s too bad because this adventure, even in its infancy, will grow.

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