I’ve made a plan.  The plan is now.  If I’m ever to change my life, I must life in the now.  Procrastination only makes me unhealthy and unwise.

I have made a plan to change my life after my 39th birthday.  Yes, on November 25th, the day after my 39th birthday, I will quit smoking and live a better, healthier lifestyle.  I plan to Ride for Heart in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, in Toronto Ontario, on June 3rd, 2012.

I’m scared shitless.

Why am I scared?  Well failure for one thing. The inability to comprehend how to live a healthy lifestyle is another.

Sure, many will say that it’s easy.  However, how many people on this earth gravitate towards the bad habits more so than the good ones?  I’d say we’d fill quite a bit of the earth.

Everyone needs a little help and sponsorship during any type of campaign. The past week this has been my mission; to get the support and help that I need to conquer my goals of losing weight and quitting smoking.  Will I achieve this goal without it?  Well I’m a pretty stubborn person who hates to lose….so quite possible.

I have sent out thirty emails and have made just as many calls.  Do you realize that since I’m not Ellen or one of the bigger social media influencers in Cambridge that companies could give two hoots about my plight?   Some of them do not realize the power of Social Media!!   For example, I asked the largest fitness centre in Canada for a little assistance and without fully knowing my mission, I was declined.

Money…..they want my money.   Being a business woman that is understandable. However, after just forking out $2,500, for a client, to support a bike tour in America (and brand their product)with less influence then myself, well….I’m baffled.  Perhaps it’s my selling capabilities that is lacking?

Well it’s neither here nor there.   I’m going to do this come hell or high water – support or not.  What’s a little lost branding for fitness and life coaching gurus?  At the end of the day, it’s really not my loss.

I am busy thinking up ideas for those who did support me though.  I plan on branding the HELL out of them to show them that’s how I roll.  Whether it’s online or at the gym, I will be wearing them.

There……….sigh………I’ve said it……I feel much better.  Be Prepared….there will be more of this, just not the same subject, after the 25th!

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