Well I’m down to two days left.  Two days to enjoy the last few cigarettes before I quit.

This week, I have been in mourning.  Mourning of what’s to come.  So much so, that the biggest zit in my life revealed itself on my left cheek.  It’s huge, it hurts, and it’s embarrassing!  Sigh….I have to do this and my body is already coming to grips that I’m DEAD serious.

Why do I love smoking you ask.  Well why does anyone put harmful chemicals into their lungs besides the addiction?  Ohh…there are many reasons.

I love waking up with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, my smokes and my laptop for my morning twitter chat.

I love that I have a pillow that soothes me when I’m frustrated or angry.

I love that feeling of the smoke going to my lungs.  It brings a sense of peace to my body.

I love that phone conversation with a girlfriend.  Smoke in one hand and coffee in the other.

Smoking is what has guided me through some pretty rough times since I was 13 years old.

WHHHHHHHHHHATTTTTTTT!!  Wait a minute, let’s look back here.

Basically, I’m saying that smoking has been my coping mechanism for many emotional issues.  Everyone that knows me KNOWS that I hate the phone more than the plague.  Therefore, I smoke twice as much while I’m on it.  Everyone that knows me KNOWS that I had quite the temper sometime ago and smoking has always soothed me.  Everyone who’s ever dealt with me knows that I just don’t breathe!  (Especially those in the labour room with me the first time around).

Smoking has been my air for over twenty six years.  It’s been my best friend because I know no other way to breathe and to console myself!

It’s time to stop being stupid and call a spade a spade.

Although smoking has given me many years of anguish relief, it has now caused a horrible cough.  Smoking has also given me the lack of air that I need to successfully climb a set of stairs (my weight too).

Smoking has given me beautiful tiny wrinkle formations around my lip line which screams “Hey, I’m a smoker, how the hell are you?”

It’s time to stop!  It’s time to stop making excuses that smoking ails me when all that it’s doing is driving me to an early death or chronic illness.

I challenge you now to quit smoking with me.  I am scared to death!  Literally more scared to quit smoking than to lose weight!  If I can do this, anyone can. When it comes to smoking, I have never been a quitter.  I have been the biggest proponent of smoking for too many years and my activism for it ends today!

This is my solemn vow.  I will stop smoking on the 25th of November.  When I wake up, with coffee in hand I will tweet…

“Today is the day that I am a non-smoker”………………then I’ll dump my coffee down the sink, set my computer on the table and go do something else.

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