Obesity….it’s an awful word.  In fact, whenever I hear the word being said to me, I think of the word BEAST.

I am not a beast, however, there are times I feel like one.  Just the other day, I was trying my best to keep up with my co-workers and my heavy breathing sounded something like an animal ready to pounce.

What does it feel like to be Obese?  Well it is not a pretty story as a women.

An obese person is often looked down upon professionally. The assumption is that if a person cannot maintain their weight, how in the world can you handle clients?  Sad, but very true fact.  It’s also a myth because I’m probably one of the best sales and marketing consultants around as I listen closely, keep abreast of new age marketing and create new and improved ways to promote.

An obese person cannot do what a healthy person can do.  For the majority of my life, this has been a myth.  However, in the past year, jumping on a trampoline is a definite no-no and running is impossible.   As time passes, your muscles weaken and you simply cannot hold the amount of fat on your body (especially the tummy).  After physical exertion, my ankles hurt, my stomach literally feels like my guts will fall out, and I’m fatigued quicker.

An obese person never gets hit on.  Very true for the most part.  Sometimes it’s nice to feel like someone wants you for what you look like.   I have to say though, the outside is never where true beauty lies.  Despite the fat and stretch marks, I’m a pretty awesome, fun loving gal.

Trying on clothing is always a sad experience  It’s either the bump in my ass protrudes too much or the rolls of my stomach are very well articulated by the cling of the pants.  I hate that tummy roll…..GOD, I hate it. Horrible, degrading, and the worst experience I have to go through each and every time.

Every ailment is weight related  I don’t even bother going to the doctor except once a year.  Generally, every ailment is associated with my weight.  Right now, I’m dealing with a lump in my foot, a problem in my knee, and bursitis in my hip.  All of these conditions can be rectified if I lose weight.  Really, why didn’t I get it when I just had bursitis?  Stupid really.

Being obese is my own problem caused by my own inabilities to eat healthy and exercise regularly.   If I’m in pain I never complain about it because I know the answer to the problem.  Lose weight.  No one needs to hear me moaning about it.

There is nothing indicating that I have a medical problem that prevents me from living a healthy weight.  I have often thought about gastric bypass but life as I know it would then be restricted.   I know that by achieving a healthy weight naturally I will be able to (on occasion) enjoy the good things that life has to offer in food and drink.

The countdown is on.  Cake with 39 candles on the 24th, and a HUGE change of life on the 25th.

Here’s to living the good life on my last lap of 30!




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