Through this whole journey of transition, I’ve come to realize that one must look deeper than the cigarette pack or the the fridge to find out the true cause of their addiction.

Over the past year and a half, I enjoy being ME!  I enjoy that I’m not perfection in a bottle.  I am a very intelligent business woman who has creative ideas to assist a client in getting the job done.  I know how to speak to people and assist them in their goals.  People trust me because I ultimately give my heart to a project.  I am the person I want to be; Still professional, but very different from most.

Once upon a time, I used to try to conform.  My dress, the professional personality, the talk, and the attitude that I had was completely hypocritical based on my perception that being the norm actually worked.   No, being the norm never worked with my relationships.  Being the norm made ME the norm and I wasn’t put on this earth for that purpose.

It’s not hard to see my real personality because I’m still very redneckish or comical in an odd sort of way.  My morals run deep and my commitment to good people shines through.  Sure, there are some people, who I’ve worked with, who thought that  they can use me as a target for dismay, however, they quickly learned that despite being who I am, I stand my moral and ethical ground.

Since this transition in realizing that I am who I am, I’ve noticed that my online and offline personality has changed.  I don’t allow “sad” Trina to appear or “Judgemental” Trina to appear.  She just isn’t there anymore.   I watch my posts closely because I’ve learned that negative brings negative (or a lot of sympathy).  As well, I want people to know that, despite being the overweight redneckish woman, that I instill a unique quality when looking at marketing and they can trust me.  I am the ultimate choice.

Everyday I talk to people who walk two different lifestyles with two different profiles. It has to be ridiculously fatiguing as it was for me. With many people, I wonder how powerful it would be if those two worlds ever collided.   I know for a fact that when I made the decision to allow myself to be me my world has changed drastically.  Gone, is the negative view on life.  Gone, is the reluctance to speak because my comedic side may appear.  Gone, is the formality of being something I’m not.  I simply love it.

If Excellence is Value, then it is my considered opinion that being me is a wonderful start in excellence!  Sometimes excellence isn’t the pretty red bow and the perfectly wrapped package.  Sometimes the excellence is the box of stray chocolates, that is inside, with a few mixed nuts.

There is never any need to have two personalities because when our life draws to a close those people standing beside your bed will be the people who loved your true colours.

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