I watched the movie Hall Pass last night which was hilarious! After the giggles, I questioned myself about whether our marriage required a hall pass.

Hall-Pass-ReviewHonestly, I think our marriage is a hall pass everyday as we do our own thing most of the time.   I am a celebrity loving, night life kind of girl, while hubby prefers a good television show on the couch.  We laugh a lot and have great admiration for one another.  There was a time where I felt stifled in my marriage due to high expectations….then I threw those expectations out the window.

Yes, there are times where I’d love us to “look” like the perfect couple who attends events together, but it just isn’t in the cards.   I like to know that I have the space to grow on my own without the inclination or desire to cheat.

Here’s to hoping he feels the same way!

Would you ever give your spouse a hall pass?

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