World-Gym-CambridgeWell today is the day.  My first official session with a personal trainer at World Gym in Cambridge.  I went on Monday for a Fitness Test and of course, I failed miserably.

I am so scared.  It’s apparent that everyone is different on how they deal with a few extra pounds.  Living 20 pounds over what I viewed as a livable but still an obese weight, has me visualizing things like a massive heart attack or a sudden bought of asthma on the treadmill. (No, I do not have asthma, but the fitness test proved that it took forever to regain my normal breathing).

However, then I ask myself if my anxiety is just another new thing to surface in life as I approach 40?  I just want this weight off and feel like a human being again.   I’m so disgusted with myself right now and it’s depleting.  With that said, off I go….I have $3,000 in personal training fees that needs to be used wisely!

I know that some of you are saying YIKES right now, but someone put it into perspective for me.  That $2,000 couch?…yeah the one with the theatre seats and cup holders….well that’s what made me a fatty in the first place along with the pizzas and take out.

I’m not giving up no matter how scared I am!  I want that Size 9 and I want to achieve my Ride for Heart goal in June.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

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