Oh we’ve all heard about the bloggers who sell themselves daily for free products.  You know those bloggers who will take, take, take, without giving….wait a second?  Let’s step back!  What does the brand get when a website has between 6,000 – 25,000 page views a month?  I’d say a lot of exposure!

I am a Pop Culture blogger who initially had no interest in giveaways and reviews….that is until the reviewers were smoking me in numbers and pageviews!  As a business developer, I knew immediately that my negative thoughts of selling myself to the devil for “free shit” was wrong.  Readers enjoy giveaways and free stuff and  demand proves that I have to offer it along with my ramblings.  In turn, it has increased my pageviews.  It’s taken me to a new level of branding.

Our society, which includes celebrities, executives in large firms, and online bloggers, are constantly selling themselves out for free product or a few short minutes in the spotlight!  How many of you know people who just happened to get into a “sold-out” game because their “client or supplier” had tickets?  How many of you heard of celebrity gifting suites? I think you have to give your head a shake if you believe that celebrities take it to promote the brand.  NO! It’s ALL about getting it for FREE.  Who are they wearing?  Hmm…they have to remember the name and it’s theirs to keep!

So when it comes to the lowly blogger who is probably using their blog to pay their bills, take their kids to a show, or go to a highly priced conference in a metropolitan city, my advice is go for it!

If people don’t like that you’re making money by doing what you love, then it’s their issue.

In fact, as a consumer, I am more impressed when a brand sponsors an ordinary person rather than seeing Michael Jordan on their television ad!  Sponsoring you, rather than a celebrity, gives the brand a touch of humanity.

Just like the celebrity or executive, your klout will not last forever and the free stuff will quietly disappear.  I put great thought in every proposal I send. I do not minimize my value as I’ve seen some of the online numbers of brand focused magazines.  I know what I’m worth and will not allow anyone thwart my path of getting to my final goal.  I show gratitude for every acceptance, as well as any rejection.

Ask yourself, would People, New York Times, or the Kitchener Record refuse advertising even though they don’t use the product?

Selling myself out means going with the popular vote against my will….that’s just not me and it shouldn’t be you either.  If I touch a brand, I will promote it!  If I see an opinion I agree with, I retweet it! If I believe that using bloggers is to the brand’s advantage, I promote it.   Otherwise as the saying goes “A still tongue keeps a wise head

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