I was stumbling around on Www.Stumbleupon.com a few months ago and I ran into a very interesting site that I go on every once in a while. This site is called http://www.mybodygallery.com/index.html

I am not completely sure of the meaning of the site but I would like to add that I do not go on the site for the enjoyment of looking at other women’s body but  I go on there for comfort or maybe ideas to shape my body.
I’ve read a bit on the site; It’s a project, My body gallery is filled with women REAL women of every size and every height weight and type. You seriously get the whole deats on the women’s body!

Some days, I feel down looking at my body then I go on this site type in my weight and find other girls with similar body types  it is seriously comforting to know I am the only girl in the world who has my body with my stretch marks with my birth mark with my hip size! Even though I hate my body some days other days I feel happy to notice the weight I’ve lost.

I don’t know what makes me so comfortable about this site. I think it’s just the way it lets you know that you aren’t the only one who hate their bodies you’re not the only 113 pound girl with a size 7 pant! its wonderful  I think!

So today’s Quest is the go to the site find your weight height etc and see your living in a one in a kind body! Be proud of who you are! Skinny, plump, curvy, lovely, highway, meat fridge full of fat! WHO CARES!

On another note, I find in most photos of myself I hide behind people or I turn to the side OR I don’t show my body at all… Just make a ugly face

Like that one…

Oh man. I am cute. #OHIMSOSICK

I am also Ashamed of not writing as much. Something You didn’t know is that I am a busy girl!!
Today I was at WCI for a conference (I WANT TO LIVE IN WATERLOO!! AND GO TO WCI) Anyways for a leadership conference so that WAS AMAZING (Thanks Again WCI FOR HOSTING) They had terrific speakers and such! AHH! I am going to stop before I get into the whole conference

Another thing you didn’t know Is that I help Teach an acting class. (So pro at acting) 😉 It has really changed my life! I love acting, hate teaching I am horrible at explaining. So when I get to act with the kids and get to be goofy I know that’s how I want to spend the rest of my life. Maybe not Theatre, but Film and Television would be nice.

Oh talking about Film and Television, the reason I haven’t been writing as much is because…
I AM TRYING TO STUDY AND GET GOOD MARKS!?! who would a thought. 😛

I want to attend Humber or Niagara College for their Acting in Film or Television course! So I am trying so so hard! Or do some journalist courses somewhere. Probably Humber, I love Humber :3  😛 Anyways 😛 This is getting to long… I think I am going to start a YouTube channel though! I am meeting up with a few friends this weekend who also like to act and would be interested in starting a mini series on YouTube and I also want to do daily blogs on their since I do not write a lot anymore!! (Which I am going to start doing more!) OH in other news I am going to get my driver’s license Friday! Friday friday friday! ; )

Sorry for being so silly in this blog!
You can tell I’ve had a good day!

One last thing!

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Much Love <333



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