First of all I want to start off with the new Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner pen!
My eyes are the best feature of my face so I love to enhance it.A few weeks ago I received the Smashbox new limitless liquid liner pen.

When I test liquid liners I always draw a winky face on my hand to see how long it would stay there.  It stayed on perfectly the WHOLE day until I had to wash my hands! I would totally recommend this  product to anyone who likes to do, wings, close to eyelash line and really anything creative! It is perfect as it’s small and the pen tip HOLY CRAP!

Here is a review of all products that I received:

SmashBox Limitless Pencil Eye Liner;  First of all I’d like to say that this pencil is pretty awesome! It comes with its own sharpener!!! The pencil itself is awesome and easy on the eye, I had used it one night I was going to a friend’s birthday party and it really looked awesome ( I have the purple one) if you match the colour with a shiny outfit! It’s easy to take off and it lasts a long time!

Smashbox HYPERLASH Mascara; Wow, I don’t even know what to write about this one. It is AMAZING! It made my eyelashes look 10 times longer and FLASHY! I am super impressed with this. If you like a big lash then this is the mascara for you! I can’t even go on I don’t know what else to say! – The brush is AMAZING its a great size and you can get every lash to make your eye look awesome!

IF you want to go to a club or maybe out on the town or just look hot then SMASHBOX is the greatest make up for you!

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line

The Metallic Eye Palette gave my eye such a natural look! When I first put this product on my eyes, I adored how it looked! It didn’t even feel like I was wearing eye shadow it just made my brown eyes pop out! When my friend came over I wanted to see if my friend would look good in it too (she has green eyes) and let me tell you  she looked amazing!  It works for everyone’s eyes and skin tone! I am very impressed with the shadow.

Gold Luster Natural Highlighter – 
I didn’t know how to use it at first so I looked at the instructions. I figured out how to use it so after I finished my whole look I had tried the highlighter. I had placed it near my cheek bones and around my cheeks, It literally made my face and my cheek bones look so nice and had made my cheek bones stand out A LOT! It also brightened my face.

Sally Hansen Forever Stay Moisture Gloss; I actually have two of these amazing glosses! The colours look VERY natural on the lips! One is my home gloss and one is in my locker at school! I’d like to add the glosses aren’t just great and natural but the gloss SMELLS GREAT!  It was obsession after the first smell! It’s smells like the orange ice cream filled popsicles I used to adore as a kid!

Sally Hansen Lift&Define Mascara-  Usually I put 3 kinds of mascaras on to make to accentuate my eyes.  A few nights ago I didn’t feel like doing such a big lash so I just used it thinking it wouldn’t do much.  After using this product, I can see why they call it the lift and define mascara! It did wonders to my eyes. It looked like a natural eye, no clumps at all!   The applicator is awesome!

In summary, if you want a calm natural look Sally Hansen provides just that!




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