I often lament about not having enough time in the day to focus on my wants.  Work and home life has the taken the best of me.  I got to thinking this morning about what I would do if I didn’t have to work anymore.

First and foremost, I’d stop feeling guilty for the time I dedicate to myself.  I am struggling right now with a work and personal training schedule.  I know that I have to personal train, but the loss of hours is causing me a lot of guilt.  Until I get to a reasonable size, I do not want to workout at night with a full gym.

Secondly, I’d dedicate more time to charity. I’d still work but for the betterment of rather than for the profit of.   I think there is so many organizations out there struggling due to the lack of volunteers.  I think the first place I’d choose to help is with mental health.  There are so many good people done wrong due to mental health issues.  Life can be very stressful.

Lastly, aside from wanting to continue working and focusing on my health, I would just take time to breath.  So many of us forget that life isn’t about the bottom line, the groceries being done, and the lawn perfectly manicured.  I’ve never met a person yet that has died over such issues.  However, I have seen people lose their joie de vive because of it.

Yes, I truly believe that the noise has to stop and life needs to be lived.  The challenge is finding that balance….because sadly, I still have to work to put the bread on the table.

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