I read a fabulous article written by Doug Saunders of the Globe and Mail.   It spoke about a Norwegian prison that caters to their prisoners and provides training in life skills, self-improvement, and prison yard jobs.

It costs a fortune to house them, however, once released only 1 in 5 will re-offend.  This is quite a difference than the norm which stands at 3 in 5 re-offenders.

There are so many people in this world who commit crimes that go without penalty. The father who physically abuses his children.  A boss who emotionally abuses their staff.  A company that is constantly committing fraud.  So many people who believe that their actions are warranted.  They pay no price for their lack of morality.

I think many of these people in our jail system are lost.  I believe many of them have no idea how to cope and deal with the harsh reality of society.  I believe that once you’re branded, much of society crucifies you.  So why not have a system that teaches them to be better human beings upon release?  Why not take the chance when every $1 spent on prison rehabilitation programs saves $7 in future policing, legal and penal costs.

If these individuals can walk out with a sense of morals and individualism why the hell not?  I see so much that’s simply wrong in every way, the perpetrator getting away with it and people continuing to enable it…..why the hell not?  It’s time to hurt the crime.

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