So why did my video for the BiLLe Blogger Competition suck you ask?
  • I’m not going to put on a façade and tell you that I am incapable of making a proper video for a competition.
  • I’m not going to say that I’m a lazy friggin blogger and that’s why it sucked.
  • I’m not going to say that I have absolutely no idea how sell myself.
I know who I am, what I can offer, and how I can maximize this company’s bottom line!
The reason:  The initial stages of the BiLLe Blogger competition involves a popularity vote and I’m well aware that I will lose!   Many online opportunities are based on popularity and not based on the contender’s skill-set.   The BiLLe Lotto competition is a very big opportunity where one lucky blogger will earn $130,000 a year.  I hope that despite popularity, a good marketing and branding background is taken into consideration during this process.

I have entered many blogger competitions in the past couple of years and was left very disappointed.  After interacting with online peer groups and entering competitions yet again, I have come to realize that when entering popularity based competitions, no matter how great my entry, I’m not going to win.

 If you’re not in, count yourself out.

But that’s ok.   I also recognize that I have many online friends  who won’t vote for me.   Why?  No idea really….possibly not popular enough.  (They know that they don’t have to vote for me simply because they have created a friendship with me) It could be that my video isn’t good enough.  However, having the right skill set for the position is not the reason.

These online friends are unaware of my work ethic and dedication to my clients because they do not see it on a daily basis.   To them, I’m simply this girl who blogs about celebrity and pop culture in her spare time while she has a full-time “job”.   I do not hide my skills as I display it quite predominantly on my blog for the world to see.

Am I bitter?  Not in the least.

With my spiel complete, I am confident that I would be a fabulous candidate with the skills necessary to increase BiLLe’s online branding efforts.   I hope the next stage of competition is for BiLLe to obtain real-time references from previous and current employers to make it a real competition!  After all, if they want to increase their brand, it must include high level marketing strategies.  $130,000 is a lot of money for someone without a plan.

If you want to vote for me, please do so here.  You have until tomorrow at 11:29 MDT to do it!

If I lose in the first round…….I still have my day job 🙂  Good luck to all of the potential candidates!

PS. There are a few who are my friends and I wish them nothing but luck, love and no disrespect.

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