After reading so much today about Blog Podium and after a slight hiccup in my desire to continue blogging, I asked myself what do I want from my blog.

Working full-time at a marketing agency, running my own small business on the side, and blogging is no simple task.  Adding laundry, chaffering and working out to the mix, can make blogging a distant thought.  However, it is my love.  I love my blog and how I feel when I’m sharing my thoughts and ideas.

I have done a few giveaways this year and conducted some celebrity interviews.  I always respond with the feedback that I gained from each and every experience in hopes to create a long-term relationship.  Yes, I view my blog as my third business.  My blog is a business that requires a long-term relationship rather than short-term gain.  I want the people who I correspond with to be utterly pleased with the service I provide to them.  In the end, my readers will realize that my blog isn’t a fly by night but serious business aside from the celebrity rants and parenting woes.

I want my readers to know that whether they are big or small on social media it simply doesn’t matter.  I’m not here to cater to the popular but to the masses.  I’m not here to cater to fans, but also to those who want to challenge me to always think of the bigger picture.

Right now, I want to take on new bloggers who would like to write on my blog.   I am looking for a Television and Movie Reviewer, as well as someone who can talk fashion.  I want to give them the opportunity to skip past the struggles of having to work at gaining a following by linking their blog every time they create a post.   When the right person shows up, then a fantastic relationship will develop.

No, I’ve decided that I do not want to give up my blog.  I simply want the time or the relationships to only make it better.

So brands, by working with me, please expect an active individual who does not want a one-night stand.  I’m an individual who wants to do business with you!

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