Today is one of those days where I’m fretting over money, a friend, my dog getting spayed, and my upcoming trip to my hometown Gaspe.   It’s been rather strenuous financially lately due to a decrease in hours with my current position.

Yes, at 10 and a half months, my dog went in heat.  Shit, where did the time go and why didn’t I do this when money was plentiful?  Stupid arse.   Now I have the cutest little doggy running around in doggie diapers that cost me $22.00.

But really, life isn’t so bad if you take away the financial woes that everyone experiences from time to time.  If one keeps the focus that it’s simply a bump in the road rather than the worst scenario possible, they can get through it.

This is a time where I try to focus on blessings and the future.  So I thought to share with you the things I love about life….despite it all.


I love my free spirit

I love that I wake up every morning and welcome a new day.  For so many years, I woke up and wished that I didn’t.  I was a Debbie Downer who didn’t realize what she had….time passes quickly so don’t waste it being down.  Some days may suck, while others will rock!  I just wake up and welcome it.

I love my family

Knowing that things can change at a drop of a hat, I love my family for who they are today.  I love my cranky teenagers.  I love my video game loving husband.  I love my little puppy who has just become a woman!!  I also love everyone in my extended family even though we don’t talk that often.  Wow, as I’m writing I just got a call from my brother-in-law.  NICE!

I love what I do

Nothing makes me happier than networking and meeting new people.  I always live by the motto to “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”  Whether I’m online and no one is talking to me or offline and my friends have gone away, I can always track down someone to have a great heart to heart with.  BUT, I hate the phone.

I love the world of blogging

I love having a group of individuals who understand my love of blogging.  I love that I go to wonderful events, speak to wonderful people, and meet new faces on a daily basis.  I love that blogging gives me the ability to speak to the world.  Some may like it, while others may not.  It is what it is.

I love my Mother and Daughter Moments

My daughter and I are a team.  She is the reason why I started blogging.  It was about our adventures.  It wasn’t for free stuff, free hotels, or even a free ride….it was always about us.  Through good times and bad, we rock the Mother and Daughter world.

I love today’s technology

As a mom, I’m totally old school.   With that said, I love that today’s technology can allow every human being to discover the world, understand different cultures, and have a voice.   What I do hate about it is that appliances don’t last 25 years like they used to.

I love children

Children are fascinating beings.  Their innocence, their ability to speak freely, and their curiosity continually amazes me.  I wish that life didn’t go so fast with routine and rituals.

I love being Canadian

I love being a Canadian and what it means.  Being a Canadian allows us to live in a country with free speech and wondrous beauty.  How many provinces have you seen?  I recommend a vacation both East and West if you haven’t done it already!

I love that I have my personal struggles

Without financial woes and personal struggles I don’t think I would be the person I have become.  I’m very independent and true to my own thoughts.  I don’t allow even my husband to thwart my thought process without a deep discussion.  My personal struggles is what made me the person that I am today.

I love my life

If I was offered 1 million dollars to give up the people I love and the life I have, it wouldn’t take a millisecond before I refused.  My life is exactly the way it is supposed to be.  Sure, we have financial struggles from time to time. Sure, the teenagers cause me to have random mental breakdowns.  There are days when I hate my job and want to runaway.  However, for the most part, my life is pretty awesome and there is no one in this world I’d rather be.  Money can buy a lot but it can never buy happiness.  To quote Lady Gaga, I’m so happy I could die and it’s alright.





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