It’s no lie.  My husband and I are aging, and the idea of having a cosmetic procedure has been a serious discussion around the dinner table.  After our experience at the Revive Magazine Pamper and Cocktail party (where they offered free Botox treatments), I’ve been considering having some sort of treatment to get that youthful glow that I so desire.

During the event, we opted out on the free Botox treatment.  However, when my husband and I left, we were kicking out butts for not taking advantage of it!

Botox Cosmetic Procedure – A Great Way to Hide the Odd Wrinkle or Two

I started doing some research on cosmetic procedures (as I’m not quite ready for surgery yet!).    If you want to look younger, especially in the areas around your eyes and your mouth, Botox is your best bet for immediate and satisfying results. For maximum effectiveness, small injections of Botox are inserted in targeted areas on the face. The most common position is in the corners of the eyes where crow’s feet and wrinkles are a dead give away of a person’ age.

Botox is a quick process that has very few risks associated for a healthy individual like myself.

The Burning Question about Aging and Cosmetic Procedures

Do I want to get this done?  How will it make me feel?  It’s pretty scary to think that I’m contemplating this process while feeling young and energetic on the inside!

During this process, I did a walk down memory lane where I found these two pictures.  The first one reminded me off my fun, youthful inside and outside look. The second was the horrid moment that I saw that dreaded deep worry wrinkle on my forehead.

After extensive research, I’ve come to the conclusion that for now, I’ll just let my lines speak for themselves.  I’ll review my wrinkle (and then some) in another year.   This process has made me realize that I now have no judgement on people who do have cosmetic procedures and surgery.  I have a hard time with anything medical and I believe that, for now, this is the best decision for myself.

Cosmetic Procedures


 My Last Wrinkle Free Summer – 2009

Look at this face!  NOT HIS!!! Mine!  You will see that my perfect forehead without a wrinkle to be seen.


One Year Later!

Can you see it?  Look at the great big monstrous wrinkle on my forehead.  This picture was taken at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival.  How quickly a year passes especially as you age!!!  Grr.

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