So, for the last 4-5 months i’ve been a Lavish Dream Hair Extension blogger!
I’ve been out to various events and places with them in my hair and i’ve never felt or look as good as I do now when I first started wearing these hair extensions.

Now, I’ve never really told anyone this but last year I was an extremely depressed and I really had no one and if you know me you know how much I love life and how much I love having friends and just being a party animal..
So it was a depressing time for me to have no one to really go out with and party with or just chill outside of school with..
I only had one really close friend(she’s still my close friend) but she didn’t like to party or gossip (which saves her alot of girl drama) but sometimes when I was in a party kinda mood I knew she would never do it because she isn’t that kind of person and honestly it’s probably a good thing. Also she helped me all the time with my issues and made me feel important and made me feel good about myself because I knew she would always be there but I still felt like I wasn’t good enough for having friends because she was the only person who saw me for me and not for my looks…
I felt like no one liked me because of how I looked.

Now, I thought I didn’t look that bad until I started wearing my lavish dream hair extensions and I thought “wow, I really don’t look good with short hair” because since wearing my lavish hair extensions I look at myself in a different light, I’m more comfortable to be myself, I feel confident and I feel amazing when I wear them! Also people look at me differently I like to think in a good way because they aren’t afraid of getting to know me and seeing who I really am.
I’ll never forget what one girl said the first day back to school this year. I won’t say what she said exactly, but she pretty much said that I was pretty ugly last year and now I look extremely good. I saw it more of insult then a compliment because I didn’t know people thought I was ugly last year, I wasn’t informed of this. So whenever I wear my lavish dream hair extensions I feel powerful and I feel so much better about myself.
Honestly I’ve worn hair extensions before but I seriously think that lavish dream hair extensions changed my life and how I see myself and I swear I will use no other hair extensions besides lavish dream hair extensions because since the day I put them in, i’ve felt beautiful and honestly very powerful and confident! It feels GREAT, I’ve had them for about 5 months now, i’ve straighten them, curled them heck i’ve teased them and they are STILL in perfect condition. Usually my hair extensions from other companies didn’t last this long even though they promised they would.

If you are a online hair extension buyer don’t go to anyone else besides Lavish dream hair extensions because they have amazing customer service they help you out with choosing the perfect length and colour just by a photo! I was amazed how well my hair extensions matched my hair when I got them. I didn’t need to dye my hair to match them like my other hair extensions.
Also, I believe that these hair extensions have powers of their own because I’ve never felt so good in any hair extensions before I tried Lavish Dream Hair Extensions.
Also, they feel like its your own hair, you don’t even feel them in your hair plus if someone pulls on them they stay in no matter what (for me atleast) teased roots or not for some reason they stay in! Which for me is impressive . I was really impressed actually on how they stayed in and how they stayed in perfect conditions for this long.
I want to thank Lavish Dream Hair Extensions on giving me this amazing opportunity to blog about them and for the hair extensions because honestly I believe it when they say luscious hair awaits when you open the package and first put in the hair extensions.
Thank you for changing how I look and feel about myself.


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