Barney Creator’s Son Arrested for Attempted Murder reported today that the son of Barney Creator, Sheryl Leach was arresting in California for allegedly shooting a man in the chest on January 9.  Police have stated that they have recovered enough evidence linking 27-year-old Patrick Leach to the shooting.

The victim is recovering UCLA hospital.

Oh You Know I Have A Rant About This!

Are you in shock and awe because it’s her son?  Did you expect more of Leach’s son because he was raised in a home with a mother who created a famous purple dinosaur, fun songs, and joy for children?

There isn’t anyone in this world who comes from the land of sunshine and lollipops.  There are very few people in this world who sees the “grace” or “message” of a bad situation until they see the light of day.  Do you think when all of those allegations were happening at Oprah’s school in Africa that she immediately looked for the grace?  Knowing Oprah, she probably said my four-letter fave word when I am stressed and her heart raced a million beats a second.   She wouldn’t be human if it wasn’t that way.  That’s exactly why I love her.

I had many meaningful discussions last night at the OWN Canada Life Story Project Party about grace and hard luck.  I was told last night that I allow many things to stand in my way.  I responded, “No, I let fear get in my way and that’s it”.  I guess that’s how the public (those who don’t know me) perceives me.  That’s cool because there’s another side of me too.

Yes, I’ve been pretty vocal about my stress and anxieties this past few months.   I have spent the past year looking for the grace and saying “things will get better” because I’m visualizing it.  Despite reviewing my vision board daily and reading my daily affirmation, it is a fact that CRAP happens anyway.  My teens are teens.  My husband works his butt off.  The OLG doesn’t want to prize me any money to get out of the rut.  It’s reality folks and I accept it even though I don’t like it.  I always know that I will find the lesson in the end.

Being real and honest with those around you is transparency.  The public façade is as transparent as every other personality trait that we have.  We can’t expect people “to be” simply because we expect them to have more morals or scruples when they are in the public eye.  In fact, for a child is has to be that much harder.

We can assume that living in Leach’s house would be all sunshine and lollipops based on her creation of Barney? Who knows?  Perhaps her home was filled with negativity and despair where Barney was a fantasy that took her away from reality.

So am I shocked that Sharon Leach’s son was accused of this?  No.  Not because Leach is his mother, but because we, as humans, make our own path in life.  It’s our decision how we deal with it.  Public opinion is just that.

Be real.  Claim who you really are today and OWN it.  Life may get easier after that.


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