038Hi I’m Jordan! I’m new at blogging but I figured it was worth a shot. Since being asked to write for Life’s a Blog i have been very excited to try it out. However, for the last few days I’ve been thinking and thinking about what to write about. I can’t stop thinking of what I want to sound like. After all, first impressions are apparently the most important.

The truth is nobody ever gained confidence from hiding behind a wall, not stepping out and giving something a shot.  So I guess here I go. I am now a Grade 12 student in hopefully my final year of high school. I have had many great and mind opening experiences and realizations. I used to be a really awkward person because I used to care if I said something “stupid” or if someone would judge me based on something I said when I first met them.

Here’s the feeling.  Picture this…..

There is a door …Obviously, most people think before walking into a building with new people.  First they feel fear because they want to make a good first impression.  The truth is it doesn’t really matter what people think of you at first as long as you’re not fake. Even if they don’t like you based on that first impression, they might eventually get to know you.

For instance, when I started high school in Grade 9 a lot of people didn’t like me when they first met me but the truth is once you hit grade 12 it seems everyone stops judging each other.. .well most do. There’s still the little drama but nobody ever tries to take your friends away because they don’t like you.   All I’m saying is step through the door, you might make a friend or you might make an enemy.   If you don’t take that risk, there is a chance that you may regret it later.

I hope that this chance I’m taking now will be a good one.  I hope that you enjoy the posts once I figure out what to write about.

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