Okay, so i’ve been asked quite a few times why I wear hair extensions and honestly I’m getting very tired of explaining it. I wear hair extensions because I feel confident wearing them, I feel beautiful and I feel like a girl.

My hair takes forever to grow i’m not kidding.
Honestly I think my hair just stops growing once it hits a certain point. My hair is thin, short and looks like a mullet without my extensions. I hate it!
My hair extensions give my hair volume, makes it look thicker and most importantly makes me look like a girl. I hate looking into the mirror and thinking “Crap, my hair makes me look like a boy”. Nothing is worse than that feeling.
My hair has constantly been a struggle for me. I’ve cried myself to sleep before because of the fact I don’t feel pretty enough or don’t feel good about myself. Since getting my hair extensions i’ve gained alot of confidence, I feel beautiful and honestly makes me  feel like a different person.


The Beginning; 
I started wearing hair extensions last year after I had a bad date. My friend set me up with her cousin and well, he turned out to be a huge prick. He picked me up for the date and than pretty much dropped me off… He made an excuse right when we met saying he had a stomach ache… I knew he didn’t have a stomach ache because the way he looked at me when we were walking towards each other. He saw me and than he looked totally grossed out.
When he dropped me off I went straight to my bed room mirror and criticised my whole look. I was over-weight, short hair and my style was dreadful. I knew this was going to change… I had to start from the head and work down.
I’ve always wanted extensions but I didn’t know how they’d look on me or how I would feel after I spent so much money on them. I knew it was time for me to just try them out and once I put my first pair of extensions in I was hooked.
The instant confidence I got when I first put them on was unreal.
I never felt so pretty in my whole entire life. I looked ten times better.
When I first wore them to school I received a few compliments. I felt so great that day and I will never forget how great I felt.  After becoming so confident the weight came off much quicker than I imagined. In a few months I had lost 30 pounds. I felt like a new person. I became so confident I started talking to people and started to make new friends.


The Confidence;
In the summer time I bought myself new extensions, they were the same as the other ones but just a little bit longer. I thought I looked much better with longer extensions.
With my new look, friends and confidence I was felt accepted. My extensions have made me confident to go out feeling beautiful and made me be myself and not afraid to be the weird short haired chubby chick. I’d just be considered the kinda chubby kinda pretty weird chick and I was okay with that.
In the middle of the summer I received Lavish Dream Hair Extensions. These extensions were the best because 1)they were longer 2)you could curl them 3) The quality
This was my prime time.



Back To School;
From June- September I had lost another 15 pounds, had longer hair extensions and a new boyfriend. The first day of school I received much more compliments some really nice and some were something to think about I guess you can say. I was informed that I looked way better this year than I did last year. I was never informed that I was ugly last year… I do admit having blonde hair and one side of my head shaved wasn’t the greatest look but I just thought to myself oh well and just leave it in the past!

Right Now;
Right now I still wear my lavish dream hair extensions even though I’ve recently gave them a hair cut (I did a horrible job) I still feel good about myself wearing them. I’ve gained a little bit of weight but oh well… I still feel okay about myself. Right now, I’ve bin pondering the thought of getting new hair extensions because the lavish dream hair extensions are getting old and worn out. My boyfriend HATES hair extensions (they gross him out) but he doesn’t understand why hair extensions mean so much to me. They are the reason I feel confident enough to go to school, they are the reason I felt confident to reach out and meet people (including him) and most of all they made me feel good enough to be myself.
It’s not because I want people to look at me and think how attractive I am, I just want people to see a confident person!

I am a better, happier and confident person now and that is why I wear hair extensions. IMG_8872

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