The iTunes app store had a head start compared to it’s competitors and as a result had a huge selection of apps that was unsurpassed for a long time. But now Android has closed the gap and caught up and is providing stiff competition. Android and Apple have both been providing great phones for gamers. Due to the screen size and attention to details such as how comfortable the phones fit into your hand and also important things like image resolution and faster processors, these smartphones are now compatible for use with fantastic games that are on a par with games console games in terms of graphics and how realistic the experience is.

Both app stores provide most of the same games, however the Appstore often charges 99 cents for the same games that are free on Android. If you are looking to go a little easier on your pocket, this could be a significant factor for you. However some people believe that the small amount of money apple charges is worth it because they get the best developers and the best quality apps overall. It’s no secret that although you have access to a huge amount of apps on the android market due to it being open source, you often have to sift through a lot of rubbish.

Mobile casino is huge in the gaming market, and this is one thing that the Android market do not provide. Google do not allow real money mobile online casino apps in the Android store. Their reasons are to do with not being able to control whether or not under-age people have access to the gambling games. The app store on the other hand allows casino apps, which gives Apple an edge on Android as Online casino’s are so hugely popular. It’s not too bad for Android as you can easily download casino software directly from the online casino sites which might even be better as you can get access to unique Android casino welcome bonuses and promotions for games such as Online slots and Poker.

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