sheen_main_1691593aCharlie Sheen’s daughter, Sam, has experienced some serious bullying issues at Viewpoint School in LA and Charlie is on a rampage.   The school claims that they have dealt with the incident by taking appropriate action.

Sometimes a parent has to live it, to realize the anguish caused by bullying

Oh yes Charlie, I can relate.  I remember a time when my daughter was bullied and I wanted to take everyone down who wouldn’t listen.  It’s a horrible feeling knowing that your child doesn’t want to attend a place, where educators deem a “safe zone”, due to bullying.  I was a stark raving lunatic who would do anything to fight for the rights of my daughter.   Did the school board do anything?  Not frigging likely.  So Charlie, again, I can relate with how you are feeling and the rage that is within.  It’s all a part of feeling helpless.

Check out Charlie’s rant on recent news about Sam discovering a steak knife holding a note on a tree in the front yard of her home.   Charlie’s Ex, Denise Richards, preferred that Charlie didn’t share the contents of the note but he did inform TMZ that it was threatening and that they have captured the perpetrators on video.

I hope this craziness ends for Sam.  No child deserves to be bullied, no matter their race, religion, social status, or who their parents are.   I wish to send the Sheen/Richards family my thoughts and prayers.



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