More people than ever before are turning to online dating sites for a chance to meet a new partner. It is safe, easy and often free to join online dating sites but before you get to meet potential future partners, all sites require their members to create a profile for themselves. The profile will be the first thing people on the site read about you, so it is important to get it right and portray yourself in a way that attracts the right kind of attention.

Here are a few tips of what not to put on your profile to help show you in your best possible light!

Avoid being too sexual

When chatting to people you already know sexual innuendo is normal and often amusing. However, if your profile is littered with sexual connotation and requests for a partner who is ‘looking for intimacy’, this can be construed as someone looking purely for

a sexual relationship. Men who do this come across as a little desperate and women may not be taken seriously by men looking for a more fulfilling relationship.

Avoid clichés

When describing the things you like to do, try to avoid clichés such as ‘likes reading’ or ‘enjoys romantic meals’. These kinds of statements don’t really give much personal information away. It is better to describe your favorite food, say if you enjoy cooking, what restaurants you enjoy visiting, tell of any cooking disasters you may have experienced. This makes you appear as a much more rounded person and allows some personality  into your description. If you enjoy reading, say what types of books you enjoy and maybe mention those that you don’t. The more you can say about your personal tastes, the more likely someone with the same likes and dislikes will contact you.


Always include a recent picture of yourself. Nobody wants to go on a first date and meet someone who looks several years older than they did on the site! It is embarrassing for both parties and not the most honest way of securing a date especially if your photo is of you looking hot at 19 years old, when you are now in your thirties! Also, make sure the picture is of you, not you and an ex partner or best friend. People on the site are looking to meet you at this stage, not your family!

Ex Partners

Nobody wants a first date with someone who is not over their ex! Make sure you are ready for meeting a new potential partner, keep information, rants and your opinions about your past relationships to yourself for now. There is plenty of time for this type of discussion once you know someone better, bitterness and constant mentioning of failed relationships can make you appear not unprepared for a new relationship.

Be Happy

Having a profile that is fun and lighthearted will go a long way to helping attract interest. It needn’t be a joke-a-minute, but keep your writing optimistic and free from past baggage. A picture of you with a smile, a bit of banter and detailed description of yourself and your interests should be all that is necessary to attract attention and secure a first date!

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