Top 3 Iphone Apps for March 2013


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 Snapchat is a fun way to connect with friends and it is also very simple to use. All you do is  take a photo of yourself  or whatever you want to send to a person on your friend list… The only thing I don’t like about it is that you can only see a photo for a maximum of 10 seconds… But other then that it’s a fun and great app to socialize with your friends.


I love this app! I think of this app more of a fun question or advice app. It’s very simple as all you have to do is post a video with a question and then people will respond to you. Now, I’ve tried a few times to make a video but I get way to nervous! Nevertheless it’s still fun to look at other peoples questions and responses! I think that this app in the near future will be a very successful app!


Music App

Do you ever get in a certain mood where you just feel like listening to sad music? Or that mood where all you feel like is dancing.   Well I guess that’s why the creators of Songza CREATED Songza. This app is brilliant! You find different artist and some you may not have heard of. What’s great about this App is that you can actually go on Songza on your laptop!

I guess that’s all for Apps this month!

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