21289_10151339282376289_224670050_n[1]Honestly my friends are good to have. They can make me laugh, smile and have fun but hopefully not cry if they will call you a wimp and say you have “noo balls”.  Haha

This often happens when I go biking with my friends because they push you to do things that you would likely never try before. Like for example, you’re sitting on your bike at the top of a run up for a huge jump, your mind tells you don’t do it. But your friend who does this every day says “Hey what are you waiting for, Christmas?” So without thinking you just do it, based on the silly comment your friend made.  You end up experiencing something new, and amazing. Take a chance.

That’s something friends can help you do. Without friends where would we be? Probably sitting in a dark room lonely without any thoughts passing through your mind like “when do I work next” or “man I’m hungry!” I have one thing to say to those kinds of people and that is live your life! Enjoy it, care about the friend you have and make memories so in the future you have something to look back on.

Sure going to school and working is somewhat important but still you need to make time for other things. When your kids ask you “Daddy, what did you do growing up?” what will you tell them? “oh me? I mostly read books and studied English alone. Also I would go to work full time, stacking up my money while hiding in my basement.”  No! If you did that then they will think your lame!

Make memories with your friends. Heck do something crazy if you have to at least you’ll have something interesting to talk about. Nobody wants to hear the highlight of your day was when you went for a crap.  (Well maybe if when you took a crap, your friend filmed it, and ketchup packets blew up all over your ass while screaming like a girl.)

Friendships are the most important relationships a person can have. A person can learn a lot from friendship and it can define the person we are today.

We can talk to friends alone about things we likely would not be comfortable enough to talk about with our families. Our friends might annoy us from time to time, but most of the time they put a smile on your face. Friendship is something that helps us even with our mental health issues. We need to talk to our friends and get things off our minds. If you’re a good friend the relationship won’t be one sided and when your friend wants to talk to you, you listen. For example if I text you and tell you something serious don’t respond to me with “k” that just makes me want to hurt you and remove you from my life. Put in a little effort once in a while. I know I do.

Friends can keep us stable and can help us see things the way they should be seen. It is worth it to a keep a friend but making new friends is usually good too. Especially if the new friend has no friends: Help a brother out. Friends can build on our ability to cope with the problems that life throws at us. All I’m saying is friends can truly improve the quality of your life on an incredible level.  All my good memories involve my friends. Going to school would be incredibly boring without them, honestly without friends I wouldn’t go. Friends are the people that will be there for you if you do something stupid without judging you. A true friend will likely do the same stupid thing you did, or are doing something to make you feel better. For instance, my friends and I decided one day to go biking on the school roof. It was an incredibly dumb idea, but it seemed fun at the time. In the end, we all got caught but surprisingly didn’t get in much trouble.  Like I said before “make memories so in the future you have something to look back on.”FRIEND

 Without Them

I asked someone what it’s like to not have friends.  He told me that it’s very lonely.  He told me when the day is over you cry yourself to sleep. You use cover ups like internet games to get the feeling of false friendship. Nobody wants to feel like that, nor should they ever have to because it’s completely avoidable. In any given year, about 7% between 13 million and 14 million people, will experience a depressive disorder. Most depression can be helped or avoided by having a friend to talk to or give you advice.

I will add a quote by Dave Tyson Gentry “True friends comes when silence between two people is comfortable.” A real friend that will be there for you , forgive you , and not judge or use you, people like that will just make life worse in the long run. Trust me, I’ve seen and experienced it.

The Bottom Line

Make a friend seriously its easy, be nice, help someone out and eventually someone will be your friend. I’ll be your friend! if not, someone else probably will.

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