Thanks VIA Rail for making Spring Break a great experience!!

What a trip Jordan and I had. We certainly had a great week travelling to the beautiful Gaspe coast! It was so hard to leave the coast and it was even harder to leave my family who were all were very welcoming to Jordan and I.  I want to thank VIA Rail for ensuring that we were travelling in comfort.

In the dead of winter we:

  • Had an epic fail day of Skiing where we were cussed out in French after falling off the t-bar.
  • Went Snowshoeing
  • Visited Perce Rock
  • Visit Forillon National Park
  • Saw whales in their habitat
  • Attended family gatherings in our honour
  • Ate poutines, club sandwiches and Jordan tried smelt  (We ate out way too much!!)

During our trip Jordan and I created Vlogs of our journey and will be posting them in the next few days!  We’ll also have a full review, from both perspectives, of our experience and thoughts being aboard the VIA rail!

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