Hey everyone! I have made it back home after my great March break in Gaspe Quebec. It was absolutely beautiful and I am really excited to go again in August.  We left Gaspe on Friday March 15th, after an amazing week We made so many memories and I really got to enjoy the coast in spite of it being wintertime.  It is by far the most beautiful place I have ever been and I am so glad it is in Canada.

When we left we had to say goodbye to everyone of course… unfortunately.  We were very sad to leave Gaspe, but excited to get on the bus from Gaspe to New Carlisle where our cabin would be waiting for us to get to sleep.

The VIA Rail Experience

The Pros

We loved riding the train and it was my first experience on VIA Rail.

  • We had our cabin set up with our beds and went right to sleep.  
  • Although the cabins are outdated from New Carlisle to Montreal, they are awesome because you have comfortable beds, running water and a toilet that you do not have to share with others.
  • We had an issue with our sink and shower flooding, but they were fixed as quickly as they were addressed.  Fantastic service!
  • There was a Sky View car which allowed you to move around freely and see the sights at a 360 degree angle.
  • All people aboard the train were friendly and eager to help without complaint.
  • There was baggage check so you didn’t have to deal with your suitcase until you reached your destination.

The Cons

  • Don’t be fooled as travelling on train, like any other method of transportation, can be a little rough and can wake you from a deep sleep.   
  • The food and drinks were very expensive.  I think when travelling long distance at least one meal should be included in the price of your ticket.
  • It’s too bad that the New Carlisle to Montreal train (East and West) doesn’t run during the day so one could really experience all the beauty of Quebec.
  • We were disappointed that Wi-Fi wasn’t available on the Montreal-New Carlisle route.

The rest of our trip was about the same as the way down just in reverse. I had a great experience riding the train for the first time and considering that our trip was almost 30 hours, I was very comfortable. I hope to take the train down again for our trip in the summer or to go to another destination in Canada.

All in all I had a great time in Gaspe Quebec and I can’t wait to go back and see the sights and stores this summer .

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