Hedley at Big Music Fest – June 22, 2013

Despite a rainy start at the Big Music Fest this past weekend, music lovers will agree that it was an amazing day.   Miserably prepared, my entourage wasn’t ready for the amount of rain that fell from the sky.   Fortunately, the skies cleared as The Wallflowers crooned ‘One Headlight’ on stage.

The Music

The Big Music Fest, located in Belleville Ontario, is an annual summer festival that draws crowds from all over Ontario to enjoy the best in music.  With musical performances from Bleeker Ridge, The Wallflowers, Counting Crows, Hedley, and Burton Cummings. this year’s line-up was sure to please anyone between the ages of 16-60.

A group that we were particularly impressed with was Canadian Rock group, Bleeker Ridge from Orillia, Ontario. The band members are comprised of vocalist Taylor Perkins, guitarist Cole Perkins, guitarist Dan Steinke and drummer Dustin Steinke. (They really need to update their YouTube to showcase all of their great tunes!)

The Wallflowers act was interrupted by some bouts of hard rain.  However, they sounded amazing as I took refuge under the tent.   After a few songs, the skies cleared so we could enjoy the act and catch Jacob Dylan at his best. (Man, he looks like his father Bob Dylan)

The Counting Crows put on an awesome performance!  I was surprised how long they stayed on stage and that they included many of their legendary hits including “Mr. Jones”.    (It was rumored that they wouldn’t play it).  The group are incredible performers.

Canadian rock band Hedley did not disappoint the “very festive” audience.  From “Don’t Talk to Strangers” to “Kiss You Inside Out”, Hedley had the crowd singing and dancing for at least 2 hours.   I did media for the event and I was completely taken aback when Jacob Hoggard took the camera from my neck to photograph the crowd.

Stolen from Instagram. Please email to receive reference.

Enter headliner Burton Cummings…..since we had a 3-hour drive home and did not have any accommodations for the evening, we missed Burton Cummings performance.   As we trekked back to our car, we heard the roars from the crowd as Cummings entertained them from the main stage.   I can only assume that he was well worth the wait.

The Venue

Zwicks Park Belleville Ontario

Despite the trek to the main stage, Zwick’s Park in Belleville, Ontario was a perfect location for a day of music, food, and fun.  The only thing that was missing was a booth selling ponchos and perhaps a few more tents to assist in case of rain, which isn’t a typical thing to be seen at festivals anyway.

There was plenty of food concessions at the festival.  In fact, I was quite impressed with the variety of food available.   The only thing lacking was vegetarian burgers.  (Which I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t have a vegan with me)

The Friends

The reason I love going to Summer Music Festivals is the people that you meet.  Everyone is in a festive mood so making friends is easy.  I was happy to be invited to this event with a group of bloggers whom I respect immensely.    In attendance was Chris from Canadian Dad, his wife Christine, Eric Alper, Candace Alper, and everyone’s favorite blogger, Hannah Alper from Call Me Hannah.

Overall, my teenage crew and I had a blast at the Big Music Fest.  We can’t wait to go next year.

Do you attend Summer Festivals?  Which one was your favorite? Share in the comments below.

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