Oh our youth these days have a hard road ahead of them.  With the evils of social media, subtweets, and social out-casting, no youngster is exempt from being a target these days.

Paris Jackson was admitted to hospital yesterday when she reportedly used a meat cleaver to cut her arm and ingested a bunch of Motrin tablets. The suicide attempt was a cry for help as Paris, according to TMZ, contacted the suicide helpline and revealed what she did.

It is my opinion that today’s TMZ update, about Paris Jackson, to be more harmful for Paris than helpful.  You’re TMZ man! Everyone reads you, including celebrities!  Even though it’s a good thing that Paris Jackson didn’t intend to die, who knows what’s yet to come for this teen girl?    For TMZ to report that a source claims that she’s “into drama” is irrelevant as 90% of teenage girls are the same but won’t admit to it.   In situations like this one, support over uneducated opinions is what is needed so Paris can move forward and get the help she so desperately needs.

Paris Jackson’s tweets from the last few days was a clear message that she was not in a good place.  We as a society should pay more attention to every youngster (and sometimes adults) who chooses to reach out in this manner.  It’s happening more and more where cries for help are voiced over social media but no one is listening.  Parents and schools really need to pay more attention.

Life’s a Blog wishes Paris Jackson a speedy recovery and a shoulder to lean on when times are rough.  We’ve all been there.

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