Ania AnvaryfarBy: Paul Fitzgerald

Let’s face it, some of us might not be gym people, and even those of us who are still might not enjoy the hefty gym membership fees or the packed madness at 24 hour gym clubs.

Still however, all of us don’t have any excuse for letting our health go to ruin during the winter months, according to Ania Anvaryfar.

“There are plenty of websites at our disposal and with a bit of sweat equity at home or while on the road, everyone will be ready for beach season next year,” she says.

Get on the Road to Health

“No wonder Santa is big and fat,” laughs Anvaryfar during an interview. “Santa survives on cookies and lots of milk. But I encourage everyone not to be like our friend in the North Pole. The Holiday Season is around the corner and the best way to fight weight gain is by eating right and following a strict exercise plan over the holidays.”

Anvaryfar indicates that there all sorts of steaming services at everyone’s disposal and which offer healthy workout sessions. Just check out your directory for a listing on what’s steaming daily.

Get in Shape at Home

For those who are not gym goers, Anvaryfar suggests turning your living room or basement home theatre areas into your own mini-workout-studio. There are plenty of home fitness workout websites that will have you looking good and feeling great in no time.

“These are plenty of leading sites that offer a wide variety of workout routines and nutrition tips,” she says. “The good news is that they cost very little to subscribe to, and they are amazing resources for healthy living.”

“Spending $10.00 or $15.00 or so a month these days is worth it, especially since exercise and eating right gets you into shape, gets rid of fat, and means you will probably live longer.”

She adds, “Some sites are even free, so take advantage of what’s out there online.”

“There are all sorts of great free fitness programs on the web,” says Anvaryfar. “And many of them have amazing fitness instructors who sure know how to engage an audience. They all get everyone revved up and feeling great about being in shape.”

She adds, “I highly recommend those who want to exercise at home or on the road while traveling for business, to hit the web as there is an endless stream of fitness programs that are extremely beneficial.”

Stretch It Out Online

But getting in shape is more than just lifting weights, spinning, or working hard on the treadmill.

Anvaryfar indicates that developing and maintaining your flexibility is important as it prevents injury and muscle fatigue.

Stretching exercises are a must and there are plenty of online resources to get your body fit and trim, according to Anvaryfar.

“Just do a search on ‘yoga exercises’ online and you will be amazed on what’s out there,” she says. “It doesn’t matter your age or lifestyle, the more you stretch means you will be in better form for regular workout routines and you will feel better too.”

Get Online and Get in Shape

While the cold snap is now upon us, the online world offers many resources for healthy living.

“Get online and get in shape,” she says. “You owe it to yourself to work out and live a healthy life. Why have any regrets on how you look and feel. Only you can make the positive change, a better one for tomorrow.”

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