Ahh, the holidays are coming. The stress of traveling, figuring out what you are doing and which friends to see.
Obviously, this time involves a lot of getting ready and looking good. Sephora has a lot of AMAZING products coming out/have came out already, that you will need to get your hands on before they’re all sold out. With-in the next few weeks leading up to the holiday’s I will be reviewing tons of their new products.
So let’s jump in!

Sephora Collection All A Glow Face Palette
This palette is AMAZING, especially if you’re new to contouring! If you haven’t checked out Sephora’s Youtube channel, I highly suggest it especially if you’re new to contouring and highlighting. They have amazing tutorials on contouring your face. This palette includes 3 concealers, 3 bronzers, 4 powder blushes, 3 cream blushes, 3 cream highlighters, and 3 powder highlighters, all in a range of universal colours for all skin tones.  This palette is $41 (value of $108) it’s a great palette to have and it’s really great for beginners who really want to explore the world of contouring and don’t want to put out a lot of money before knowing if their good at it or not…

CollageToo Face
This product is one of my favourites. I don’t know why but the chocolate soleil bronzer smells like legit chocolate, it makes me so happy… it’s a very nice palette, it comes with:

• 20 pigment rich eye shadows
• 2 bronzers—including our best-selling Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
• 2 blushes—including cult favorite Papa Don’t Peach
• 3 mini gold glitter Cruelty-Free Teddy Bear Hair makeup brushes
• A deluxe size of the award winning Better Than Sex Mascara (Not shown in photo)
• Limited edition pink glitter zip bag (also not shown)
• Step-by-step how-to Glamour Guide with three beauty looks to get you started

What’s awesome about this palette is that it actually comes with bronzer and highlighters so you can actually contour your face a little bit, it comes with a guide so it shows you how the pros do it! This is genius. This is a great gift if someone is new to make-up or hell, for yourself. I love this palette and it’s my favourite palette i’ve ever came across and i’m not just saying that. The colours are glamorous and stay on pretty well.
It’s $56 and totally worth it!


Sephora Collection Gold Star Dual Brush Set  This isn’t the best photo, but I needed to say something about these two brushes in the first blog post because i’ve never been in love with a hair brush, this set includes a full size oval cushion paddle brush with 100% natural boar bristles reinforced with nylon pins, and a wide-spaced tooth comb for detangling and managing texture. The brush is amazing. I always hated my mother’s boar bristle brushes, but man, with the nylon pins it makes your hair feel amazing, it’s great for teasing and brushing your hair to give it volume!  This set is $40 but well worth it!





Collage2Fresh: The Mask Bar 
I’m pretty sure that’s the actual name for it but wow, this stuff isn’t your average face mask, it feels much richer and really does work to the face!  It comes with 4 different mask. One to hydrate the face (rose face mask) Exfoliate mask (sugar face polish) one to firm your face (black tea instant perfecting mask) and one to brighten the face (peony brightening night treatment mask) I have to say my favourite is by far the black tea mask. It feels great and makes your skin perfect. This mask bar is $88 and worth every penny. I haven’t had clear skin in years but this has washed (literally) all my face troubles away.




Alexis Bittar for SEPHORA Liquid Gold: Beauty Brush Set and Stand

This is a beautiful brush set. I’m using it personally as decoration because it makes a great piece to put on a dresser or shelf.  I did however use the angled brush once and I’ve never felt a brush such as this. It’s very soft. It comes with five brushes– Powder, Angled Blush, Eye Shadow, Smudge, and Angled Liner. It comes with an awesome brush stand so you can either reach for it without any problems or have it on display so your friends can idolize them. This set is $219 (what do you expect? It’s Alexis Bittar for heaven sakes!)

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