Snow Removal for Examiner

Grey skies and cold temps mean one thing: winter has arrived and with it comes the snow.

And according to weather forecasters this year is going to be another long, long cold winter with lots of white stuff being dumped down on us.

Sure, it’s one thing to see the snow fall as it’s picturesque in many ways, but it’s another to have it cover your driveway and walkway.

More and more homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Toronto are getting fed up with the long winters and many are turning to online service websites to hire people to shovel that ‘bad white stuff.’ In turn, snow removal companies are also turning to online service websites to promote their services.

The online service industry world appears to be a real savior for today’s working family with busy schedules – many of whom don’t have time to shovel after a snowstorm. And it’s a superb avenue for companies to post their snow removal services. In all, it’s a win-win.

Just ask Mohamed Mohamedali, the co-founder and owner of, an online service industry website based out of Richmond Hill, ON.

Mohamedali, along with his business partner Muhammad Mehdi Parpia, launched their online service industry website this past fall and already they are seeing scores and scores of homeowners and snow removal companies posting notices.

“We are getting pounded with snow removal requests,” laughs Mohamedali. “It is amazing to see how many people are getting ready for ‘old man winter’ and believe it or now snow removal is a big economic engine here in the GTA and Toronto.”

He adds, “More importantly, online service websites like ours is a one-stop-shop for people to post tasks and for companies to promote their services. So when it comes to snow removal, jobs like this are timely and homeowners with busy schedules need this kind of service in a big way. People who own homes with families simply don’t have the time to shovel and clean their walkways. And companies too with massive parking lots need these kinds of services on a regular basis, especially this year as weather forecasters are saying we are going to get lots of that white stuff.”

While snow removal is a big cash cow, so is the online service industry. Also called ‘handyman sites,’ economists predict that within a year’s time it will be a $600 billion dollar industry.

Typical online service websites these days mirror those of Craigslist and Angies List; however many are more flashy and dynamic in look. Simply put, job seekers have an easy way to find work, while job posters have an efficient means to offer tasks. however is taking things to a whole new level, which marks an even more unique trend in the online service industry.

The site not only allows people to post handyman type jobs and job taskers to apply, but also the site is one that is purely new and distinct in that it connects business and individuals together.

The site is a first in offering a unique service of connecting businesses and individuals together efficiently and securely. Through cutting-edge technology via a unique, secure, and user friendly platform, the site matches the needs of the customer with the offerings of businesses, in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

“The right place, right people, at the right price. We make sure you get what you need, on time, through reputable people,” says Mohamed Mohamedali.

“Our company was built upon the aspiration of linking people together from all walks of life,” he says. “Our business revolves around people, and their needs. Our people-centric philosophy and unique skill set achieved through our diverse team is what drives us to serve customers better every day.”

The site is the culmination of this mindset, bringing individuals and organizations together to prosper and benefit, as smoothly and securely as possible.

Mohamedali adds, “We know the constraints of fast-paced life today, and we want to help ease them for people with busy lives – whether you are an established individual looking to save time in your day, or you are a new citizen, looking to put down roots and build a new life.”

You name it and our site offers everything– from snow removal, daycare services, accounting services, and from dentists to doctors to legal services for newcomers to Canada, the list of service providers and job taskers is simply endless.

“We are creating an even new trend that is helping job seekers and businesses,” says Mehdi Parpia. “Most – if not all – online service websites are created only for askers and taskers, but we are now matching up professional businesses with real people who need their services.”

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