Writing, it used to be my favourite outlet to vent about my trials, tribulations, and victories.   However, something happened about two and a half  years ago that put everything to a grinding halt.   Actually, it was more like a head-on collision because writing for me now has become a challenge.  What was that something?  I have no idea.  It just stopped.

It may have been that the grammar police came out in full force and critiquing many bloggers, but I don’t think so.  I actually appreciated the criticism and tried harder. However, bad grammar doesn’t bother me either. My favourite Facebook posts comes from my friend from Newfoundland. No periods or commas, just some good honest posts that make me smile.

It could have been that my passion shifted to my business and I ended up working too much. Come to think of it, when I was writing well, I was blogging each and every day. Blogging was sucking up a lot of my time until I realized I needed to make a steady flow of cash. Yes….I have to acknowledge that I gave up many of my passions to work, work, work, work, work.

It could have been that my life turned topsy turvy. I was enjoying the ride, but the ride was more like the Simpson’s Road Rage game and a peaceful Sunday afternoon drive.

Either way, I was laying in bed the other night when I saw a post on Facebook. A challenge. A September writing challenge where you had to write one post a day. Within a minute, I accepted the challenge and since then, I’ve started 12 draft posts and not one of them has a sentence written in them.

So here I am, almost feeling naked and ashamed. Not knowing what to write but hoping that old feeling of pride and accomplishment will surface with every new post I write this month. I hope you join me as I write my way back to who I was two and a half years ago. Writing is good for the soul and a little bit of soul is what I need right now.

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