The COVID pandemic threw a wrench in many people’s lives around the World. It is my considered opinion that the quarantine was a good thing for humanity. Personally, I have noticed that so many people have a renewed appreciation for life, while others are struggling with conspiracy theories and political propoganda. These are the ten things I learned as I lived through the COVID pandemic as a 47-year-old single lady.

  1. When push comes to shove, everyone starts off drinking strong, but gradually slows down and gets accustomed to a situation. In March, I’d check my Facebook and see people I’d never imagine drinking saying things that obviously indicated that they were drunk. I giggled. It’s nice to see how people quickly settled into a new life, appreciated their family situation, and were accommodating to the new life that the pandemic created for us.
  2. Dudes will get lonely and desperate. I met a few guys in 2019. After a while, I deleted their number, their texts and messages. Out of the blue, they would appear wanting to proclaim their interest in me. Ok dude. During the pandemic, they all disclosed that they love to give oral sex. I think they thought that it’s a carrot that will get me to bite. Thanks, but no thanks.
  3. I love living in the country. For years, I used to dream about being a city girl with briefcase in hand. However, I love the backroads. I love exploring. I love the slow life since we experienced it for over six months.
  4. Your pod is what matters in life. Who did you allow in your pod of ten? I hope you were lucky enough to have ten special people in your life. I hope you learned that a job, material item, or money can replace your pod. People who you love first and always.

    Who was my pod? Mom, Dad, Christina, Brandon, Justin, Gabby, Darrell, Sharon, Julie, Mike, John, Jamie, and Tracy. I didn’t see my kids or their significant others for the first few months, however, they will be part of my pod whether I’m with them or not. Life is good.
  5. Time alone without obligations is AMAZING for healing. I never felt lonely during the pandemic. I was still healing and depressed, but I never felt needy or desperate. I love being SINGLE and free to make the life decisions I need to make before bringing someone into my life. I think those, who took time to evaluate their life, learned some really enlightening lessons about themselves and how they lived their lives before COVID. Don’t compartmentalize your feelings and emotions. You never really face life head on when you do that.
  6. We realize that, during the pandemic, that this is how the poor live almost 365 days a year. There were no opportunities to go to restaurants, shops, travel to exotic places or even attend fancy events. From rich to poor, people were sharing their baking, time with their children, and their new found hobbies. It was so nice to see and I hope it humbled many. It’s the little things that makes the World go round.
  7. Causes matter. From Black Lives Matter to the Me Too movement, the pandemic allowed everyone to have a louder voice to stand up for social justice. Of course, many still turned a blind eye, but many listened more closely as well. I hope we see equality even more.
  8. Modern Family is the best comedy ever made since Three’s Company. I haven’t watched TV as much as I have since the pandemic.
  9. Once the doors reopened, a haircut, a pedicure and a Brazilian wax was just what the doctor ordered after many months of existing, finding new hobbies, and gaining an appreciation of the life we choose to live.

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