It’s funny, being single is very foreign to me, but very nice. Tonight, I bought some nice flowers, painted a little, worked on my photography from last night a lot. It’s peaceful….until I find out that someone still has access to my Spotify and plays Strange Animal repeatedly and disconnects me from it.

At first, I was contemplating a 3am concert since I can’t disconnect that person’s Alexa, but, this person is a lyric person, and I hear the lyrics. So, I shall refrain and call Spotify tomorrow to disconnect the Alexa from his end. It’s so odd why the emails, website visits, and now the songs keep happening. I am taking the higher road. He must miss me to keep it going this long.

I’m unique and take pride in it. I don’t control or upset others, and I don’t stick with people who hurt me. I value myself and love trying new and unusual things. I’m okay with being seen as different and always bring surprises.

Although I might be a bit quirky and wild, I also think things through. I know better than to depend on someone who’s hurt me. Everyone’s different, though, and what works for some might not work for others.

I’ve had a lot of stalkers as of late. It’s unreal. Too many. It’s unnerving since I’m really trying to move forward. My life is pretty basic to be honest. I think if anyone took a really good look at this blog, they will see I’ve talked about everything and anything over the years. I never delete any of my posts. I may edit, but never delete. Here’s one that I absolutely love, even though I wanted to rip his face off years later. That’s from like 2011. Then, there are countless others about bullying, teenagers, lots of concert reviews etc. There’s never a reason to stalk me because I look ahead.

However, I have a little bit of Taylor Swift in me, but I don’t sing. I will speak to the haters if they want to keep it up. Just let me live my life, then it will stop. I mean for every visit, I can add that number to my presentation to concert managers etc to get me into concerts, but I really want my numbers to be authentic, not due to stalkers and haters. Man, what a boring life they lead.

When I speak about my life, I never say names. Most of my posts are read by people in America and are targeted to one post or another. It’s not like the whole town is flocking to read about my life.

Anyway, here I am on a Friday night living the single person’s dream and waiting for my daughter’s sugar levels to go down, who is in Toronto right now. My house is one big alarm. When she left she said, “See You tomorrow!” I was like…….”No……you’re not coming here tomorrow sorry. I have plans.”

YAY! It’s a Long Weekend!

I have a pretty nifty Saturday planned. Going get my nails done. RED. Red sees everything, but doesn’t acknowledge it. Red forges ahead because of the disrespect and it respects its power, its shine, and its tenacity.

My new friend is coming over, and we’re gonna play some crib, maybe go out somewhere, and have a steak night. I showed him my concert photos, and he said that he wants to see more. So I’m trying to figure out this Google Chromecast thing and my television.

I also told him that I do other photos, and some fun ones too. I explained, I did one with a lit up letter F once, and the guy was naked. I needed silhouette shot for school. However, I did have to handcuff, gag and beg him to do it as he was super resistant. It’s what I do. I’m a thief of men.

Should be a fun night. Looking forward to a long weekend! I am unleashed; Embracing the haters, and loving the new people who comes towards me. Thank you Taylor. Just stop. Like Taylor says, I’ll stop when you do.

Mic drop.

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