My ex-husband’s birthday was yesterday. Myself and my kids spent it quite differently. We chatted at the stroke of midnight about some videos that I shared and laughed at a few memories. We all spent the day doing our own thing.

My daughter spent it in Toronto and ironically, her B&B was across the street to Toby’s pubs. She also got a tattoo of the last birthday card her Father gave to her. Brandon spent it with my grandson and did what Brandon typically does on a daily basis. He’s not that sentimental. I spent it with my best friend Paul doing photography. When I setup the wifi at his place, there was two wifi connections that caught my eye. One was Toby and the other was Poopsie. Poopsie is the nickname both Toby and I called our daughter. I was like wow…..freaky signs everywhere today.

Three Years Too Long

I haven’t seen Paul in over three years. Paul and I have been friends for well over 15 years. We met through a mutual client. He was the PR guy and I was the marketing consultant. Our friendship blossomed when we started working with other mutual clients. Paul is a very cool individual. He has his doctorate in English, loves classic rock and can give you the history of notable facts on any rock star or group. He’s also a gigolo. The women love him as he is quite handsome and super friendly…and he’s a dog too.

He was a little skeptical of me showing up. He acknowledged that after the year I had, he wasn’t sure. He said “Dude, if I was in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t be here now.” I’ve heard that numerous times from different people. But, here I am. Showing up and loving the company I keep.

We talked about everything last night as we always do. He gave me some valuable relationship advice and I took his photo while coaching him not to blink. Relax Paul……not so stiff Paul. Shake it off. He wanted a jump shot with his guitar. Easier said than done in a tiny space. I’m not wild about it, but he sure is! Today, I’m editing the rest of the photos.

Limerance is in the Air

We also talked about Limerence. Limerence describes the experience of having an uncontrollable desire for someone – an obsession that consumes the limerent person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. He said he’s met so many woman in his life that just cling on so hard that he’s decided to be single forever. I told him that it wasn’t a bad idea as I’m considering the same. I told him about my daily stalker and wondered if it was limerence. He didn’t think so, and advised me to not give that person another thought, he’s basically saying “Hey! I’m here, you see me and I’m with someone else.” He had that done many a time too. Forge ahead being the “rock star” that I am. If someone comes and is meant to stay, great. Otherwise, enjoy singlehood baby! Lol

We went out to The Poacher, a local pub, in Burlington. I met this guy who asked me to video his band next week. I’m debating on doing it. In fact, I’m debating on looking into rentals in Burlington as I feel it could be a good match for my future and style. We’ll see about that….no rush.

After a copious amount of drinks, I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise. Yes, I am finally at peace. What a great night. I need more time with my peeps. I just love my brotha from anotha motha.

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