I love Fall despite the fact that every year I have a touch of nostalgia and depression.  I love picking apples, making pies and pickles, and preparing for Thanksgiving.
I have recently started reading (well listening on Audio book) Defy Gravity, by Caroline Myss.  It’s remarkable that even in the change of seasons, I require a change of motivational speaker.  In the times where I am facing the darkest knight of the soul, I choose Caroline.  I believe, that for me, she has a “snap out of it” personality that wakes me up and gives me that jolt that I need to truly SNAP OUT OF IT!  She is the voice of reason for me and my soul.
Now in the summertime, I was completely hooked on Wayne Dyer’s podcasts.   He does a live call-in show every week on Hay House Radio.  His peaceful demeanor and forthright thoughts enlighten me.  He certainly does not get me through the dark knight even though I wish he would.  I guess I like the tougher, push me around types of personalities for that.
I’ve posted some of my daily affirmations, that I created myself, when I feel a picture and my thoughts coincide.  I have the thought long before the picture in fact.  I believe that this is a very therapeutic method of healing, as I feel that I am creating my own destiny and affirmations to get me through the toughest times.  I hope that you are able to save them and use them in your time of need.
This recession is certainly getting a lot of people down.  No jobs, dead end jobs that we want to leave, more boiled dinners and not enough strip loin on the tables.  I have finally resorted to something every family should do, BUDGET.  I am pleasantly surprised with myself as I want for nothing and fulfill my needs quite well.
I guess it’s a mixture of daily affirmations, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer and a few episodes of Til Debt Do Us Part, that has instilled these new great traits.
Whatever you are going through and if it is the Dark Knight of the Soul, I invite you to write me at http://www.consulttrina.com/.  No worries, even though it is a business website, I’m a human and mother before I will ever be a worker.

Welcome to my World, sit down and enjoy the ride!

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